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KYB dikenal dengan produk suspensi berperforma tinggi mereka untuk motor dan mobil. Banyak produsen yang mengadopsi suspensi KYB sebagai suspensi bawaan karena suspensi KYB memiliki performa dan kualitas yang luar biasa.

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'16 It is installation on SR400FI. OEM Rear suspension length (Between Mounting Bolt) Is 320 mm and TGS 325 is 325 mm.
Virtually Stroke and car height should be up, but feeling has not changed feel etc. About a time.

Long ago, when I was riding the '88 SR 400, I also attached the same part number and performance was good, like Cost so buy again.
Reliable feeling at the time of Corner is surely different from the OEM suspension which can not be relied. Performance and Cost are sufficient for you who LightCustom without breaking OEM's style. However, TGS 325 which was sold in the early 1990s had Plating cover at the top, Coil was Bronze collar at the top, but there was a sense of luxury, but regrettable that the current product looks a bit cheap. DAYTONA was troubled because Plating process, but recently because of Cost emphasis Plating process is a lot of complications, considering when rusting is better for Silver Painting ? ? ?. At that time, Front Fork Reinforced Spring for SR was also sold from KYB and it changed even if it changed together, but it seems that it is not currently being sold and this is too bad ? ? ?.
Body (SpringCoil) Although it is somewhat heavy, OEMChain Cover also comes with no interference.

LEAD125 We are using SG 325 and KN project 60 mm Hip up adapter, we are dissatisfied with weight distribution before and after the vehicle from before. There was a feeling that OEM suspension became Ka Chi Chi as traveling became 20000 kilos, so I exchanged this with aircraft.

I think that the amount of Stroke is not half as much as the OEM suspension, it depends on the application whether to capture it as a good location or as a bad place.

I am attaching a Rear box at a weight of 80 kg, but it seems unlikely that Spring's Initial is the weakest place.

I thought that 50cc Motorcycle was in conformity, so I thought it was too soft, but it is harder than OEM.
It is not a bad hardness to say, but it seems to be able to run with reasonable feeling so I think I will go with this suspension until a problem occurs.

It is a feeling for Sports driving, so if you feel fluffy ride is good, I think that it was better to consider a different option.

It attached to GSX-R1100 of 87 year.
SpannerQuantity : Install with 2pc - I think that it is low in difficulty because it can be adjusted.
Working space is narrow because of carburetor, but it can be replaced without removing carburetor.
Instruction Manual was enclosed in it and it was OK as it was installed and adjusted accordingly.
Turn the adjustment Bolt and advance the Notifier of Tensioner in Manual.
In my Motorcycle, I advanced 1Notch and looked at the situation but the Engine sound changed quite a bit before and after the exchange.
If the tension is too tight, the rotation of the engine will become heavy, so be careful with too tight.

MGS330S (Plating spring) To SuperCUB 110 (JA07) Use to.
It is about Washer to prepare.
Since installation interferes as it is, Chain case
Heat it a few millimeters dented.
DAX (Weight of car 70 kg) Because it is for CUB, it is heavy + 20 kg
In the case of one-passenger it is within the adjustment range of 5 stages Pre-road.
If you often get more luggage, Spring only
Reinforced Spring (30% UP @ Mukawa) You can change to.
It is possible to adjust the damping force in three steps, but it is still used properly
I am trying now without understanding well.
The ride comfort compared to OEM, Boyon Boyon gone,
Shakijaki reaction on unevenness of road surface - I feel like absorbing.

Although it was not the recommended installation model, the Spring rate is too low, so when trying to ride a two-seat, Tire got attached to Fender.
In the setting of recommended mounting model, neither Tandem : O Even a good car model ...
Although I thought that it was KYB because I chose it, YSS suspension was better at all.

【Caution】 Rear suspension is Quantity : For 2pc you need to buy two
I used it for GN125-2F
It can be used as it is by using attached attachment diameter adjustment Ring
However, if you do not adjust Chain's tension, it will interfere with Center Stand immediately
I think that it was wonderful that the shake during high speed running was reduced and the acceleration performance was improved
Especially realizing is uphill. In OEM, the slope that I could not climb without dropping the GEAR
You can now climb as it is

I installed it in V-Max 1200. The characters of the OEM's key box are faint and it is impossible to tolerate that the Duct is scratched no matter how ingenuous the Key Holder is devised.
I removed the Box and the Large hole opened and I put the Mount color Cut-out, but Plastic and Carbonetc. Communication over non - conductors seems normal, so I think that it can be placed on the back of the Meter box.
I think the Instruction Manual is polite and easy to understand, but the narrowness of Wiring is a little troublesome promise of Motogadget.
It says that it is incompatible with the vehicle with the Immobilizer of this time, and it is for a person who wants to tinkle with a little old Motorcycle or EURO strike which wears out contacts and a key box is hard to obtain ... or impossible It is not necessary to attach Parts, but this is "Yes" I think.
Durability is the rest. In the unlikely event of this broke, all the electricity will fall at a stretch, so whether made reliable products made in Germany.

I knew that mounting wasn't going to be easy from reading the reviews written by other customers. For my vehicle, quite a lot of cutting was required and the disc grinder came in handy. The noise is not what I expected despite the work I put into it. Now it's mounted with a silencer of another manufacturer to cut down the noise.