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Ladybird menawarkan berbagai part untuk meningkatkan performa motor seperti knalpot, pelindung rangka, dudukan kaliper, dan lain-lain. Khusus untuk pelindung rangka, Ladybird menyediakannya dengan desain yang cantik dan berkualitas tinggi.

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Since it stabs and can equip easily only by screwing, it is good.
Since appearance becomes a race ish, he is smart.
Although he does not want to become hollow, of course, I think that it is effective.

I have an RC51 SP2 (VTR1000RR SP2 in the rest of the world I think), and bought these to eliminate the stock exhaust hangers and passenger pegs. I have Sato Ti low mount exhaust, and the Sato titanium hangers I wanted are no longer available. There are a couple other offerings, but they are machine cut pieces made from sheet aluminum. These are very pretty pieces, made from machine bent aluminum rod, that really cleaned up the look of the bike. They fit exactly like the stock OEM hangers, so don’t buy these for high mount or Banzai mounted systems.

Fallen cannibals... After delivering car carelessly I got stuck on Left 3 times and got scratches on the under cowl...

Quantity with bolt on : Pair (for Left and Right) The subframe mounting bolts are pulled out and mounted, but it is quite Large strangles to hold the self-nuts on the Reverse side. Especially the hose of the radiator is in close contact with the subframe, especially the Right Side, and the tool was difficult to enter is (^_^;)
(I removed the mounting screw and shifted the under cowl, I fixed the nut with the Small Monkey but I think that it is easier to exchange the Left Side if you prepared a 14 mm plate spanner)

The appearance is not exactly how it jumps out, it is natural that you do not know that it is worn if you do not look good.

Perhaps, I think the damage to the cowl is difficult because the slider is grounded even if it falls over.
(On the other hand, if you fall down severely, the attachment part of the subframe and the frame will be useless)

Because it was far too far from the product image
I returned it.
Among Net products, it is said that there are things that are not the same thing as images because they are using images
This was a thing that I could return, but when I can not do it
Since it is described in the product page the reasoning is so self-responsible

There's only a couple of mechanical switches out for the non-RCS Brembo radial master cylinders and this one checks all the boxes: 1. Looks good ☒ 2. Works well ☒ 3. Affordable ☒ Installation is pretty straight forward, hardest part was the trial-and-error related to which wire goes to the switch to work with the OEM harness. I would recommend this switch to anyone looking for a proper mechanical switch.

It is quite good for the price, I installed it in the GSXR-1000K4. This is enough because it does not ride for 2 people, Buffing is also hung and it looks pretty, the mounting hole is also Exactly, Recommendation.

I have been miss lead this item does not include calliper and the price charged is absolutely ridiculous ! a bracket essentially for inc import duties £345 never again when I looked at item again although there is a picture of calliper with bracket kit very miss-leading be careful

In Normal muffler, the place where Chain passes is crushed, it was a disappointing part at a glance. I just could not stand it and bought it. Since I installed it myself and was a good product with high accuracy of work, if there is a SmallExtension in Ratchet's Large, the work will proceed comfortably. Also, since the clearance between the Exhaust System and Chain's escape is large, the tension of Chain is free, so it will be a particularly recommended part. Volume is deck because it is with for Race, but with End Baffle and KIJIMA Inner silencer 41 pie, I was able to pass the vehicle inspection this time.