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LAVEN menyediakan perlengkapan perawatan motor dan helm, seperti wax, pelumas, pencuci helm, pencuci rantai, dan lain-lain. Produk LAVEN 100% original buatan Jepang dari proses riset hingga produksinya.

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In terms of performance, it is easy to use according to the Title, I like Design. However, the FOX character and the white part of the wrist can be burned with ultraviolet rays and brown becomes discolored in one day. The fox part is unnecessary because it does not discolor whether the material is different.
Things that I purchased at a different store previously were also exactly the same, so it seems that it is not an individual difference.
I can not recommend it for those who care about their appearance like themselves.

Boots out of other Manufacturer was written like Deck and Bon Tan, so I was worried but this product was just too thick with Moto bread's hem becoming Boots out and it looks pretty good I think. FOX Moto bread (Released at the same time) I think that Large is durable with the same Size as that of his. I am 180 centimeters 82 kilograms G pan Size 34, thirty third place, this product is 34, Just for WaistTight.

Where I arrived and went to Touring as soon as it arrived. Within 30 minutes the part of White Rubber turned yellow and turned color. I bought 6000 yen and bought a new item but it is disappointing that it got turned into a bad second hand product in no time. When the difference between Yellow Bali and other White part is Large, every time I see it, Tension rattle falls!

Since FOX T-shirt thinks Design is excellent, I think later that it is Size, but it is quite possible to make Large. We bought XL because we want to wear loose at 175 cm tall we. I think that it is good for summer as the fabric is not so thick. I worry about aged deterioration with repeated choices. It can not be helped
Design is cool so I will forgive it all (*^^*)

【What made you decide the purchase?】
Design! MOTARD Hoodie suits you!

【How was it actually used?】
I think the coming season is hot
The comfort is good.

【Fit feeling and height when wearing - Please tell me your weight etc】
I bought M Size with a height of 169 cm and a weight of 55 kg. If you want to wear comfortable Large in M ??Size I think it's durable.
I have S Size in another Hoodie of FOX, but I think S Size is Just size.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
It is not particularly.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
I want a thin Pullover Hardy like you can wear in the summer!

【Have you compared items?】
I also wanted Hoodie for icon but I purchased FOX because it was out of stock.

I can firmly stop at 3 places and it is very good without Gap.
It's a bit expensive, but I just have to agree. If there is Alpinestars in this Type (CE Standard product) It was still better..

I bought Moto bread for the first time in 25 years, so I do not understand it well
Material and others seem to be getting better.
However, I got a rough impression such as sewing.
I like Design,
I did Big reel that the knee Pad etc is not attached.
Large Kim is my middle aged system of 168 cm 68 kg, L Size may have gone a little Large?
The waist was good but the thighs were goblins.

Every time the plastic parts of the Knuckle part of the Right hand operates the Brake lever, it hits the forefinger and middle finger and it hurts quite a bit ...
It was a shame because it was not cheap.
Although I purchased M Size, my finger part is made longer than M Size of other Manufacturer. Especially Small fingers are long.