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Didirikan lebih dari 30 tahun lalu di Torneria Piave, Italia, LighTech merupakan salah satu pabrikan penyedia sparepart dan aksesoris dengan teknologi tinggi untuk motor balap seperti Superbike, 125GP, dan 250GP.

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Ulasan Produk LighTech

It will become loose when you apply force.
Also, you need to pull out the bar's Inner Weight, which increases vibration and fatigue.
However, it is necessary to pass through Lee TEC's Lever Protector.
(If you install NORMAL, Lever Protector will co-rotate. )

I installed it but protruded more than I thought
I can not help it because I do not receive Damage on the car body
I think whether the quality of things is not bad
I have not knocked it yet so I do not know the effect
I understand that Slider is effective in Circuit
Oh well on the public road Slider caused damage Damaged Large I will not listen to the talk so I can
I installed a color Aluminum cap at the same time but it is very painfully attached

The adjustment of Chain will be easier like an idiot. More accurate.
More than anything Made in Italy. Beautiful as a work of art until the details. It is a gem you want to put on by all means.
I feel a little high, but I am convinced if this can be done.

Want to make Chain adjustment easier and Stand Hook (Plate) I wear this Parts because I want to wear it.

We also deal with web! ke, but this option's Stand Hook is not yet in Lineup,
Delivery is too long (1 month) Things, since I can buy other things together for shipping costs I ordered from overseas. (I received it in less than 3 weeks. )

Adjuster movement at the rear end becomes the movement of Shaft in Direct,
It makes it possible to make delicate adjustments easily.
Adjuster has a click feeling, 1 Click 0. As small as 25 mm, fine adjustment can be done reliably.

Since ordering from overseas naturally the manual is a foreign language (English Version and Italy) but,
Items of Level that can be installed without thinking anything in the first place There was no problem.

The product precision is high, it is pleasantly comfortable "Scauper" You can install it.

Chain adjustment can be done quickly with certainty. This will be "buy".

GSX - R1000L 7 - includes Rear (Inner) Fender, Mud Guard is not installed,
Because the surroundings of Rear suspension become soiled, I was looking for a countermeasure item.

We also examined other Manufacturer's, but the delivery date to be determined (3 months or more) or,
I chose this Lightech product because its shape does not suit my taste.
By the way it is dealt with by web! Ke but the delivery date is too long (1 and a half months) Because
I bought it from abroad. It arrived in less than 3 weeks.

About the product - - -
There is no installation Screw, instruction manual, installation explanation on it that came from overseas,
Only Fender has arrived.
(If you purchase with web! ke, the authorized distributor will be doing it for Japan.
I think that it is impossible to buy the same thing in Japan - - - )

I installed it for myself about the installation.
If you get confused about how to buy the same thing or buy it before you buy it
I will answer if you can listen using Message function.
I hate being imitated by an indefinite number (Lol)

As for accuracy, it has a good shape to fit perfectly with the reinforcement part of Swing Arm.
I also felt that this Manufacturer 's thing was "usable".
Even the mounting method even if the Manufacturer designation is ordinarily there will be more points.

I think that the shape is a little small, is not it?. Just absolutely better than nothing,
Large is too much I wish to work so I wonder if this is better - - -.
Strength is sufficient. I confirmed the making of each part before installing, but there is no anxiety at all.

Since the traveling after installation is still small, the reduction of dirt around Rear suspension
It is not realized but it will be better - - -

Installation is easy and installation completed in 3 minutes. There are only expensive items and it's a beautiful finish.
Last week we went to Touring 1000 km, but on expressway etc foot legs hooked on foot will increase Hold feeling and stabilize. It was really good to purchase.

Purchase at webike Yahoo! store for attaching to 17 years. I arrived in about a week! Lever Guardetc. I tried buying it because it was good, but Fitting is not good (-;) It's Oversized a little Large - - - I put Magical racing on another car, but when you compare "Because it is made overseas as well, it can not be helped" It is a level Level.. ... but it's cool and watching w

Purchase for Chain adjustment.
There was anxiety about accuracy but no problem at all.
Large satisfied except that it becomes slightly heavier than NORMAL
Is it also outstanding and outstanding in appearance?