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Lotaus memproduksi berbagai sparepart untuk modifikasi skutik maxi seperti stang, bodywork dan HID Kits yang tingkat kecerahannya amat tinggi.

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Ulasan Produk Lotus

I think that an outside diameter is larger and that it is good.

Since it can cut in a favorite form easily and a rear face has an adhesive, it is good to be able to stick immediately.
I think that sticking on a deep curved surface is unsuitable since it is thick.
A glass fiber is torn easily.
A glass fiber may be stuck in the skin and there is CHIKUCHIKU [ it ] since [ thin ] it is hard.
CHIKUCHIKU when touched empty-handed.
I think that it is easy to disperse in the air lightly like the fiber of feathers since it is light.
I think that handling requires cautions enough.
Silicon coking was given to all the cutting planes after sticking on a cowl, since the glass fiber of the cut-off cutting plane was torn easily.

LED-izing of a blinker

It uses in combination with an official megaphone muffler.

Since the pure tachometer had been broken, it purchased together with the speedometer.
Although normal could be sufficient, he changed and has noticed that it was a correct answer.
Appearance thinks that it is considerably closed at a simple and it came to be visible.
so that it can also attach not seeing a description -- being easy (bolt on) -- it is exchangeable at a speedometer and 20 in all~30 minutes.
The accuracy of the meter has also improved and this price thinks that it is very handy.
Although visibility is good also at an angle of as [ this ], I think that it will become more legible if stay is raised and attached to a slight degree.
I think that it can work to a smooth in the case of attachment if you buy two female terminals (a speedometer and four pieces in all) since wiring of illumination is a male terminal if one notes are written.

He is smart in a byway.

It exchanges for blue by makeover from standard smoke.
A ground and a conjointly fresh atmosphere are brewed.
If the function as a blinker can be achieved if the bulb is made into the orange bulb, but it is the usual clear bulb ... The thin screw which attachment is simple for and is fixing the lens is only removed and replaced.
Although there is no complaint in particular, compared with a clear and an orange, somewhat high one is on mind.

He thought that he would change an image although the smoked type of this product was used from the first, and it exchanged the repair lens.
Since two screws are only removed and changed, it is easy.
This color turns into the so-called color of an ordinary blinker.
it is not a color of eye dark just for a moment -- ? -- since I was using the smoked type, I also needed change of a bulb.
In the case of the color of an orange ball and an ordinary blinker lens, a clear ball is required for clear smoke blue for the color of a lens.
It will be very helpful, if replacement parts are exactly prepared from the first to carry out such makeovers when divided.