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LUKE adalah ahlinya aksesoris untuk motor skuter, trail, dan single engine. LUKE menyediakan beragam produk, seperti spakbor, lampu depan, jok, handle, dan masih banyak lagi.

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Nice tail lamp, its fit for klx 250, made with aluminium, precision, strong, good looking and cheap, arrived aroubd 3 weeks

우선 본 제품은 야마하 트리시티 우측 백미러 연장탭으로 매우 적합함을 미리 일러둡니다. 슬립으로 인한 연장탭 파손으로 인해 대체용품으로 둘러보던중 본 제품을 찾게 되었습니다. 야마하 트리시티 우측은 역방향 나사라서 10mm 역-역 의 연장탭을 구하기가 너무 힘들었습니다. 우연찮게 본 제품을 구하게 되었고, 즉시 주문하여 장착해 봤습니다. 기존 너클가드에 포함되어있던 구성품보다 나사부분이 조금 길어 오히려 더 튼튼하게 결합이 됩니다. 한가지 아쉬운 점이라면 반대쪽에도 장착하고 싶었으나, 10mm 정-정 방향 연장탭은 없더군요. First of all, this product is very suitable for Yamaha Tri-City right rearview mirror extension tab. I was looking for alternatives when looking for alternatives because of the extended tab breakage due to slip. The right side of the Yamaha tree city is a reverse screw, so it was too hard to get a 10mm reverse-station extension tab. I was able to get this product by accident, I ordered it immediately and installed it. The screw part is longer than the existing knuckle guard, so it is more durable. One thing I missed is that I wanted to put it on the other side, but I did not have a 10mm tab.(translated by Google Translator)

Regardless of the paved road, in UTurn and the galley place etc. in the forest road, since the anxiety of the footstep was amazing, it tried purchasing (*'ω`*)
After the exchange, I have not gone to the forest road, but I feel that the feeling of security is different as the foot got better ^ ^

I thought that around the legs and other OEMs are good as they are good but I did not feel the change of XR's control nature and I was good at exchanging the results! The car's legs are getting scurryy ... (^ ^;
After all, I do not understand the detailed change in the siretto ... (Lol)

It is easy to exchange and also Zaku together ... I did a sag out, but it is a Recommendation for the ShortLeg race like Ora (^-^) /

I use it for shoes, bags, leather jeans, Belt. After application it is slightly finished Matte. How effective the effect lasts can not be confirmed because it is still in use. If only one Minus point is raised, it is good that the attached Sponge is soft, but it will be torn immediately.

If only to get rid of dirt, I will use Polish such as Kukchuku, but is it a lie? Is not it clear? - - - I use GAERNE with Waterproof saying.

The part to stop at the top is a little tight.. The thickness of the foot is usually
I do not think so.. I have short legs, but still a little more length
I thought that I wanted it..
I like thickness and texture.

Look at this water repellent! It is a picture taken during commuting in the autumn rain front before the typhoon. In the typhoon on the way home, there was no flooding in Boots! By the way Boots was GAERNE's G-MIDLAND - It is Gore-Tex..

It may be the power of Gore-Tex that did not inundate water, but this waterfall on the surface is just waterproofPolish. Please everyone please.

I use it because I can expect the waterproof nature if it is for off-road boots (Large I have not met rain, so I do not know the efficacy)
It stretches well with Image which is more smooth than ordinary compensating oil.
After finishing, it is the same as Mink oil.
Since Sponge is stored, it is good that you do not have to worry about keeping it