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HRCRadiator is replaced with NSR80

I think that there is a high possibility of hurting a fin if I keep the Radiator fixed for installation.
Work after removing fixed Screw

To fix Shroud, fix with 4 attached Tie Band.

It seems that the temperature rising due to traffic jam is falling faster than usual in running.
Originally naturalized cooling of the fuel lowers the temperature even at low speed, so it is not easy to understand by bodily sensation
I think that those who are doing Race understand more.

There is no Instruction Manual and the shape of Seat rubber does not match!
It is useless unless you can process holes to a certain extent, such as drilling and cutting!
Seat shape is cool !!

I think only to remove the OEM and install it
We had to fill the space with Aluminum Collar etc..

Included Parts because it is drilled : I wanted you to put it in, so the evaluation is low.

Odd so I can fulfill the purpose

I am wearing it in mini's Radiator.
Easy to install with Tie Wrap.
As far as water temperature is concerned, I feel that cooling is efficient.
Although it was in partial contact with Tire with full Brake, it seems that problems like me do not occur by attaching it to each vehicle.
I felt it was a very good product.

It is Gel Coating, but it was not beautiful enough to paint as it is.
First of all, in order to fill in the fine irregularities on the surface, we have to process the surface with Pate.
Design is nice Parenthesis ♪ It is certain.

Previously I was using KITACO but purchasing this item with Heador every change in Projectorization. Double-sided tape got removed so paste the 3M at home Finally installed. Result KITACO is better