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M-Factory menjual aksesoris custom dan sparepart untuk skuter. Anda bisa meningkatkan performa motor Anda dengan knalpot, komponen drive dan sistem pengereman, serta Anda juga bisa mendapatkan tampilan yang unik dengan bodyworks dari M-Factory.

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Small and indespensible tool for cleaning clutch and throttle cables. Construction is from aluminimum. There is some heft to it. As you can (probably) see, insert the cable end into one side, clamp down, and squirt cable lube into one of the holes in the bottom. Also this won't work for hydraulic clutch for obvious reasons.

The orange cover was removed and the bulb here was attached.
It becomes a sharp and is very good touch.

Ürün satıcının gösterdiği gibi performans parçası kaliteli bir ürün aldığım için memnunum ürün u tavsiye ediyorum As the product seller shows, I am glad to receive a good quality product, I would recommend the product u(translated by Google Translator)

I think that it is easier to remove than the product of Flat because it has an angle.

Is slight biting sweet? (I do not know because I never used other products) I also felt.

Because it is expensive, it is saved if it is a little cheaper.

It installed in PGO TIGRA 125.

As described in the background, for PC for several reasons, we added for PCXBelt, Driven Assembly for improving Belt lifetime so far, but following this, Drive pulley also made for PCX parts.

Originally GY 6 system TIGRA, but the basic design of GY 6 is HONDA so it is becoming a feeling to let the branch parts return to the branch part.

The reason why I made MFR is that, as far as the photographs are concerned, the movable range of Roller seems to be Large as compared with other companies
It is Large like saying that Chassis dynamo's Graph was there.

Like Pulley in Graph display of product introduction, it seems like Pulley whose engine speed changes when full speed increases as speed increases.

For example, when starting acceleration. At a low speed, even if it reaches 9000 rpm, there is a speed range (for example, 60 km / If it exceeds h) or the like it will feel falling around 8000 rpm.

At the start acceleration which is the most sticky it is Engine characteristic that it is difficult to instantaneously raise the engine speed at 6000 RPM or less, so wait for Engine rotation to rise at half clutch when starting acceleration Like 2 speed start There was a situation that it will become. I felt the waiting time more than 1 second sensuously.

Spec modified to match the Engine characteristics Spec. is.
1. WeightRoller changed to 7 g.
2. Changed Clutch Spring to 2500 RPM Upgrade for S-MAX
3. Pulley turning processing so that the diameter of the Belt friction surface on the boss side becomes 32 mm or less to 28 mm or less

Result It became the characteristic as follows.
Clutch Connection started 4500 RPM
Half Clutch full open acceleration 6500 RPM to 8000 RPM
At full throttle acceleration 9500 RPM to 10000 RPM
30 km on a flat road cruise / h 60km / h both 6000 RPM

<< Background of incorporating this product >>
#1. Weight roller's outer diameter is φ18 and its limit is small
PCX Primary deceleration 0. 82 - 2. 60 RatioCover ledge 3. 171
TIGRA Primary deceleration 0. 80 to 2. 34 RatioCover Ledge 2. 925
#2. Large Kick PCX Driven Assembly and thick Belt in the range of motion (2mmUp) Durability has improved by.
#3. There was a need to change Pulley on Drive corresponding to PCX's thick 22 mm Belt

Particularly with # 3, as soon as I came up with the idea that PCX's Drive pulley, whose boss diameter is φ 24 and looks like it's thinner than TIGRA's Drive pulley, will be able to absorb Belt's widening.
(The thickness referred to here is the total thickness of WeightRoller and Ramp Plate stacked on Mu BubbleSheep. )

In addition, the 2018 PCX (JF 81 / In KF 30) it seems that the Belt width is getting thicker, so I think that we can also incorporate such things.

<< reference information >>
1. Ramp Plate thickness 6 back. Insert a 0 mm Spacer
2. Pulley boss uses for PCX. (OD φ24. 0 inner diameter φ 15. 0)
47. 5mm (22105-KWN-900) + Shim(0. 5 + 0. 3)
49. 0mm (22105-K97-T00)

I really wanted 14 °, but I did not sell it anywhere (sweat) So 14. I will incorporate 5 °. This thickness is different from OEM so much. I am looking forward to running..

I challenged Pulley exchanges with 20000 km as the opportunity. I am looking forward to running again as it is a well-known MFR. Weight roller got troubled and made it to 11 g. I try to set various settings.

Silencer is brand new but Exhaust pipeetc. I bought a used item.
Installation precision etc.. The quality aspect of is very good.

I installed it and tried running, but as for the volume it is quiet because it is a product that goes through regulations.
I like tone quality very much and I like it very much.

As for the performance, it does not change drastically, so it is hard to understand.
However, since the exhaust pipe has a dual structure and the exhaust flow velocity is maintained
I think that it is getting better than NORMAL.

And I think that it is the most pleasing point that the appearance will be better than anything else.