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M-SOUL (Musashi)

M-SOUL (Musashi) memproduksi bermacam-macam aksesoris untuk skuter maxi, seperti PCX, NMAX, dan TMAX. Bodywork dan lampu LED M-SOUL menambah kesan unik pada motor Anda.

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Pcx 150 için performans hava filtresi gayet güzel ve kaliteli bir ürün tavsiye ederim teşekkürler webike japan Pcx 150 performance air filter is fine and can recommend a good quality product thanks webike japan translated by Google Translator

183cc Bore up, High Camshaft, Big Injector, Burning NORMAL, Driving system NORMAL Spec. I installed it, but it accelerated ? Down with Torque shortage at the highest speed together. It is a rather coarse Filter, so fuel is sub computeretc. I think that it will be better if it is increased, but it returned to Normal filter.
Since the fuel at Full Full was originally darker, it seems that if you are attaching to 155 cc NORMAL it will run normally.

I think that the way the Cutline exits depends on the light you install.
Evaluating by only brightness is considerably brighter than Halogen.

MAJESTYs', Bore up - Long Crankshaft - Compression ratio increased very much with High Camshaft etc. It was troubled to start, but it was installed and it was solved very much. it was a great help. When installing, it may be slightly Large strange.

I purchased it and tried installing it as good from the same Motorcycle ride.
I told you to Speedup when I heard it, but I did not change the highest speed
Speed ??Speed (Response) I can not feel it
I think that suction is better than OEM, but I do not understand well.
Inhalation by experience up to now (Suction) Although improving acceleration will improve fuel economy if it does not connect to the highest speed
Because NORMAL is 3000 kilos and it is dirty, I wonder if it was good for replacement
I will try various filters in the future

As Manufacturer says,
By increasing the + side - side electric flow rate, it is possible to reduce the burden on the CellMotor and expect the Extra Grounding effect.
We can expect improvements around heavy Engine Starter Motors such as Tuning, Engine and Bore up car.
Since there is a direction of the line for installation, the attached Instruction Manual is inconspicuous as not to make a mistake.
Although it is not difficult to work, it is a drawback that it is hard to do in a narrow place It took a long time to install.
As with moving pictures Cell got stronger.

It equipped with the alloy wheels of the gale speed which was interested from the [Webike monitor] or before.
The weight saving was merit with big the width of tire selection also spreading with tube-reply-izing, and also of course, becoming easy to carry out correspondence at the time of a puncture.
繝ス a run of a season is [ 繝ス ] pleasure now (ツエ繝シ`) NO

It is 2 times Sakka's purchase in next time.
The bottom load of a spring decreased and it became a quite light handling & corner ring.
A color chooses a bronze and also matches the car body of an orange.