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M-TEC Chukyo

M-TEC Chukyo khusus menyediakan sparepart pengganti OEM untuk berbagai jenis motor yang sudah tidak diproduksi lagi. M-TEC Chukyo sangatlah populer di kalangan pecinta CB750 dan Z Series.

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Ulasan Produk M-TEC Chukyo

OEMExhaust System is a good sound, but it is honest place to feel unsatisfactory in volume
This Exhaust System keeps the sound quality of the OEMExhaust System as it is, raising the volume as it is, it is not too annoying in the vicinity of Idling, and the medium speed to the high rotation is wrapped in a pleasant Sound

Since I used it for commuting, I was using mind that it was an external exhaust system up to now at the start of the morning, but I am thankful that it can be used without worrying about this Exhaust System

It may be unsatisfactory for those who are seeking the May Flying Exhaust System ('∀ `)

The previous Mirror is 60 km / Since it was in a state that it was impossible to check the backward with vibration, as I saw the other imprints, the product was vibratory countermeasure and it was a good texture so I bought it again.
Impre street, if you compare with the previous Mirror you can see the mescher (* 'Ω `*)
I was glad I could purchase good ones.

I liked the style of Exhaust pipe and I bought it. I like the curve of the Hand Bent style. Inner silencer may be a little missing. I get a feeling of being particularly clogged when I enter a high revolution. I think that will change if you replace it with an optional Inner silencer. Shot tube type is satisfactory when you think about including Cost.

This is a nice looking petcock but they need to upgrade the rubber parts. Became very hard to turn after 8 months on my 1973 Z1. I am located in the US where we have ethanol in our gasoline. I hope they sell a rebuild kit for this petcock soon with gas resistance rubber parts.

Great looking seat good quality materials used , Not designed to fit a KZ900 is listed for Z1 made some mods to base for proper fit . Foam is a little on the soft side for my weight 130kg .

Thailand is Small.
When I checked it when I felt something wrong with Throttle while driving, Thailand was out of carburetor.
Thailand is Small so Thailand Ko is playing in the place fixing the Thailand co on the carburetor side and its part has been deformed.
It is about 1 mm in dimension. I think that it is a large error for such industrial products.
Although it became slightly concerned at the time of installation, I felt that Large was durable

I bought it to carburetor so that rust, Garbage will not go. It's easy to install, and it's a good item because you can also check the flow of Gasoline. I am using it for CB 750.

I received a product with another Seal on ProductNo of Honda OEM Parts Number 94109-12000.
If you purchase from Honda, it is 32 yen (tax included) is. I do not mind it is cheap, but I do not feel so good.