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Currently RaceCowl is not on the market for GSX-R 125.
Covering m-tech's Number PlateCover to OEM Upper Cowl allows you to display Number Plate according to Race regulation.
I removed the Headlight unit
This product seems to be made to cover from the top of Hedo Light unit.
It is easy to install and remove
I think that it is Items that you can easily rip out with dress like STREET and holidays Circuit usually.

Currently GSX-R 125 / Racing cowl is not on the market in S 125.
If you have m-tech's Under Cowl
Covering this product to OEMUnder Cowl gives Oil catch effect that is consistent with Race regulation.
On the 4st car, Mini bike race participation is obliged by most Race to install the Undertray of Oil catch type.
Of course there is a DrainCap function.

Also at Street youth
Appearance is longer than OEMUnder Cowl
Race ish has become more SUPER SPORTS 750 feeling and Dress-up effect is also quite high.

Installation is perfect Bolt On and there is almost no gap in the hole position
I think that you can install it without problems if you can do daily Maintenance yourself.

Texture is not a very good compliment. However, I think that it is appropriate to consider the price.
KLX250's conformity Size was 4L Size, I purchased 4L Size and watched it but Tire protruded a little but generally it was able to cover Cover overall. Blue We do not use it under the sky, we use it under the roof so we hope that it will last long to some extent.

I confirmed the applicable model at the time of ordering. Because CUB was this M Size (I think that there was also a name of Small TypeScooter. ), I ordered that ADDRESS V125 would also be Large durable. Attached to what I received, apparently the pattern looked different. I am sorry just because it was good, such as texture. Cover is done for the time being, so I will use it for a while.

Outdoor parking in Kanto. Even though we are constantly taking the weather and ultraviolet rays, we could use it for about two years.
Although the suture was firm and it did not break, the part of the ring of the Gold genus of the rear wheel through which the lock passes is taken in one year, the plastic fastener is broken before reaching the whole two years, the place different from the suture starts to break So replace the same one used.
As a result it has about two years to bring. Just Cover is an expendable item so I think that it is enough to have this.
Rubber will also hit soon, but that is easier to use.

In case of using BUSINESSHotel or inn for several nights touring, not necessarily "Covered parking lot" We do not necessarily have, but also as a prevention of theft, I bought for the carrying Touring.
We do not place importance on durability, we select this product from lightness, Large Ki when folded, Waterproof nature etc..
(I actually saw that my acquaintance is using it at my home parking lot, and I knew the texture was also the deciding factor of purchase. )

However, if you put the Top case and Side case on MT09 Racer, even with 5 L Size, it was not possible to cover the entire Motorcycle. (This is my judgment mistake).

Waterproof nature is outstanding and there is no problem for my use at all.
I think the camouflage pattern is also unique and good.

good point
Ring of the lock part hole is large and easy to pass through the lock.
The color has changed..
A bad point
When you wear Cover in the dark, such as night, it is hard to understand the front and back. I wanted to change the color of the lock part hole as in a certain Manufacturer.
The lower side is squeezing and it is made to prevent rattling, but it is difficult to hook it in reverse.

กันความร้อนที่เเผ่ออกมาจากเเคร้งเครื่องยนต์ เเละท่อไอเสียได้ดีมาก เเปะกับผ้าใบคลุมรถได้ง่าย กาวไม่เหนียวเกินไป สามารถลอกออกเพื่อเเปะใหม่ได้ ถ้าเเปะไม่ตรงจุดที่ต้องการ (translated by Google Translator) The heat from the engine. And the exhaust is very good. Easy to cover car canvas. The glue is not too sticky. Can be peeled off for a new one. If it does not meet the point.