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M4 Performance Exhaust

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Almost easy enough to install even by myself like playing Motorcycle for the first time in birth.
Did you have a bit of trouble removing the Baffle and removing it so as not to destroy the Gasket?
Soundly, it may be the limit of Slip - on Silencer, so selfishness can not be said!
You might as well make a little Large by yourself w

The mounting position is Included Parts : There was no problem with things of.
Since Center Stand does not have Stopper, I removed it.
I think that it was about half as heavy as OEM's one.
The volume is ... amazing (Lol)

I was very astounded to change to the YOSHIMURA to exchange the Exhaust System of the Black busa. Imprement of m4 's GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA was hard to find and spurred astray because few were helpful.
It is the sound and Silhouette when we decided to install the Exhaust System. As for Silhouette, it was good because there is an image, but the sound is a video that has been upgraded to YouTube. Although the sound quality of animation is not very good thing, the heaviness of the sound still has some things to be transmitted.
Although it was actually easy to install, I forgot to purchase a Liquid Gasket and exhaust leaked from the junction. The sound was blown out with a banging sound. Baffle was on, but I wanted to keep it a little more, so when I wound Glass Wool around the included Baffle it was quite good to mute the sound.
I purchased this Exhaust System and was satisfied with Large.

Although it was installed in ZX14R, Mountetc. The screw hole is Don Pissha.
Baffle's making is also polite and very satisfying.
Sound quality is without Baffle is terrible.

I bought it for G-max 220.
Always used 4Liter things, it was a waste to stick to the container and hard to enter.

Speaking greedy, it was easier to put in if the opening of the spout was a little smaller.

It is kept outdoors not exposed to direct sunlight
Plastic deterioration etc.. I think that it is a good product without it.

Vinyl bag etc etc so as not to mix chiry and garbage etc etc etc. You can use it as soon as you put it in.

Large strange Standard Oil Jug.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
"price" When "Seat's Headrest pole is shopping bag" From
【How was it actually used?】 It became convenient.. It became very convenient that the hanging plastic bag became a Garbage bag. Was good.
【Mounting was difficult?】 It is easy to put it on Headrest pole.
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?] It is not particularly.
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please tell us if there are any improvement points】 Thin Rubber-like cushion etc. on the back of the product etc etc. I think that it is better to rub on Seat.
【Have you compared items?】 Because I bought it a long time ago, at that time, only this product was found, so it was not possible to compare.
[Others] Notes
Headrest pole does not have a car shape or Headrest pole diameter of 13 mm or more and Headrest special shape can not be used.
The load carrying capacity is about 2 Kg. Let's be careful.

It is very convenient although it did not have a small Oil Jug until now.
It is light, and this is convenient, although it did not fall and the object for cars was used until now.