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MAC MRD unggul dalam memproduksi knalpot untuk YAMAHA TMAX, Majesty, R25 dan jenis lainnya. Knalpot MAC MRD dibuat dengan sangat indah dan dapat meningkatkan tenaga mesin motor ke tingkat yang paling tinggi.

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Ulasan Produk MAC MRD

Compared to Normal muffler, the sound is bassy and the crispness improves and I am not too big for Large, it's just fine and it's just fine. Torque at medium and low speed is surely raised and the elongation at high rotation is also improved. Especially the hands of NORMAL became numb and fine vibrations went round and changed to comfortable vibration. The thing which is good though performance is good, but one thing that is interesting is that Material is Stainless Steel, so even if the connecting part between Exhaust System and Exhaust pipe is slightly discolored and polished, it also discolors immediately. Other than that, I think it is a very good Exhaust System at Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence.

I want this Exhaust System, ordered at the end of the year, shipping is 1 / It is said that it will be 22, if you wait forever, 1 / No shipment even if it is 26. If you contact Wei Big, you can not contact the supplier.
Even if I call from myself or even e-mail it will not connect.

It was disappointing thought that it was a great Exhaust System.

Very nice brake disc~ Cool style. It is much more beatiful than the OEM one. Easy to replace and very fit to install. It is recommend to buy~

I had a bit of difficulty installing, but I like the sound. Heavy bass is very good feeling. It is vibration that is a little worrisome. Rear fender, License Plate shakes!

OEMExhaust System The sound is also not bad, but I got somewhat missed and bought it. I am Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence so I am not worried. Balance - I think that sound quality has improved considerably. The installation was also possible in about 30 to 40 minutes.

Reliable MAC-MRD
Good texture, good sound quality, volume is also reasonable and good feeling
About the power up is not enough to feel bad, but it goes to high rotation
Good compatibility with Pulley

It's Gasket included. There is no need for another purchase.
Feeling that sound is emphasized bass in low rotation range.
I do not think that it is noisy..
I think that it became much better when compared with NORMAL.

It is cuddly and dodd like sound.

In other words the sense of heartbeat, the bad way increases the vibration considerably.
It's a pleasant Level so it's not a problem, but Screw looses about looseness.
It is confirmation after chasing.

OEMdisc is too thick and brembo's Crab can not be fitted unless you scrape the pads, so replace them to eliminate waste. Because there is no 270 φ, at 250 φ. Caliper support is also required.

Large satisfied for thinning thickness. I was able to achieve my purpose. You can expect performance as well.
It turns into a recent Motorcycle at once in appearance (Locally)

It is still in use, but the braking ability has clearly risen.

A bad point :
Rain occurred within 2 weeks after use by Stainless Steel.