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Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Tank Pad is sold separately. Inevitably Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Also purchased at the same time. I made it to SnakeSkin so it's quite Parenthesis yeah. Just Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Hitoshi etc. , It is confusing to put it out from the Center and paste it, but since it can be repositioned, there is no problem.

Since it can be repositioned, positioning is easy, feeling touch Grip is also good. However, the price is high, Neck. Instruction Manual is not included but it will not be necessary.

This model is Recommendation if there is no car model only. Several types of paper patterns of various shapes are prepared so we select and cut out the shape that best fits your Motorcycle.
Just regarding pasting, I was bad at it and 1mm Type was easy for Wrinkle to enter and it seemed to be unsuitable for curved surfaces and it was very difficult..
I wrote a Dryer for home but I can not extend it due to insufficient temperature so I will try to repack it with Heat gun next time.
It is good that this product is effective to repack.

About usability. Honesty Grip power is excellent and you can hold it firmly. Moreover, there is nothing to change the thickness of Tank strangely as it is 1mmType.
Then it's also attractive that attackability against Pants is low.

I used to use Stamp Grip before, but when I ride with G pan without knee Protector the knees hurt at that hard warts and the aggressiveness against the leather leather suit was high and the knee portion was easy to be damaged, but this item I can ride without worrying about it.

Only one point, regrettable place is mixed with Garbage like fine wood Waste? And it is ironic also on the surface of products with high Grip power : Rubber 's Sandpaper - like surface) and got stuck and could not get inside (Lol)

As for durability, we will add it in the future.

Apart from the feeling that there was a little thickness, I thought that Grip is also a good product. I feel convenient that re-tension is useful. After that, I wonder if the price is a little lower.

It is a good shape for MT07.
You can re-tension it as many times as you can ○
Town ride 7 pass 3 If it is just OK.
I'm a bit scared of theft.

I am stuck to Ninja 1000 of MODEL in 2017.

Since I do not touch Tank at all in my riding posture, I do not put it on Tank Parts.
Before pasting this, I was not able to say Knee grip as much as to say with Zurie before Brake, Pyon before every step.
(There is also a compatibility between Pants and the plastic parts of the car body... )

After sticking this I was able to be able to Knee grip firmly enough to be surprised.
Although I caught a glimpse on the review of another product, it almost ceased to hurt my knees because I did not hit Knee protector.

I use only 2 Parts of 4 Parts so I am doing COSPA - 1.
TIRE (Model year) Is not it? Because, Curve is slightly different.

Three years using. At the beginning of use, it was the best with a good Grip feeling, but gradually the Rubber has been hardened or slippery So now, the first Grip feeling is almost nothing. About two years I was in good condition, so I think that it is enough. If it is Pants of a thin cloth it will transfer color. Those who want to use it for a long time may be better on ThornThorn surface.

I attached CLEVERWOLF's Tank protector, I pasted it, but there was a place to suffer slightly.
After a while, since it got floating from the part to be covered, since the adhesive strength disappeared, peel off, wash it, then reinstall it, there is nothing to float afterwards.
I firmly grip, so driving has become easier.