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MALOSSI menyediakan beragam aksesoris untuk skuter mulai dari sparepart mesin hingga sistem pengereman. MALOSSI membantu dalam memaksimalkan performa motor Anda dengan pilihan produk seperti knalpot, weight roller, big bore kit, dan masih banyak lagi.

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I attached it to SJ 08. Partial sounds good from the beginning of opening The sound of the Exhaust System has also changed.

It seems to be somewhat dark when Idling.

As confirmed by the AF meter, when the non-wearing was done, the partial was changed from 15. 0 to 13. 5 and the sound of the Exhaust System is also thin and dry

It was a sound but after installation 13. 0 to 12. 5, the sound of the Exhaust System also changed and it felt moist and moist.

Somewhat worse fuel economy but I think it is worth more than that.

Three kinds, I understood what I can do.
I still want Oil seal of Shift shaft and Clutch Arm. These two Oil seal will be made after all by yourself (Now, Oil leaked Seal inside diameter is NBRRubber Cover) We have to reuse it..

One out of three, in the photo Right under the guy.
Dimensions I do not know where to use. I can not use it because it is too big.
About AM6Engine, there are 5 kinds of Oil seal, but only 3 kinds of Quantity : It is not a set ClutchArm Nosawa place and GEARShaft place Oil seal is Quantity : Is not it set?

Used for GRAND AXIS 100. Malossi's Parts had many Universal Products and this item was not exclusive, it was Universal, so it was not possible to attach it to GRAND AXIS. Although strictly speaking is possible, since it is not properly fitted, there is a fear that the original performance may not be exhibited. Since it does not enter Spring Seat in the ponding, the outer circumference is 0. Shrinking about 5 mm will enter Spring Seat. As Clutch Side also interferes with the protrusions on the seating surface and floats a little, if you scrape the end of the center spring so that it is chamfered in large grain, you sit down firmly at Clutch.
Usability is Spec. Because I think that it is different with Rucksack Ri.
Liba EveVer on 52mm Long Crankshaft Engine to 57mmCylinder. 2 Exhaust System with CHAMELEON FACTORY 's Torque Camshaft Standing Groove in Yokozuna Pulley for AXIS 90 4. It shifts around 9,100 rpm at 5 g 6 pieces and turns to 10,000 rpm just a little over.

สายพานขับเคลื่อนสำหรับฮอนด้าzx ตัววัสดุสายพานมีคุณสูง แข็งแรงทนทาน เหมาะกับรถที่ต้องการความเร็วสูงและทนทาน Belt driven for Honda zx Belt material is high durable, suitable for vehicles that require high speed and durability.(translated by Google Translator)

MALOSSI spring se is TOP QUALITY PART. Springs last long and increase the variator power if right spring is installed in the clutch.

MALOSSI 18G weights has good quality. Works perfectly with the MALOSSI multivariator. Just right weight for the FUSION 250CC engine if you value good acceleration without losing the top speed.

Cospa became Malossi and became high.

But, it was easy to fit the Air cleaner, setting was also easy.

Cospa is a day ○ If it is the same price as Na ○ is.

It was nice that the Auto choke that DAYTONA san was attached was installed.