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MARCHAL merupakan produsen lampu yang sudah lama berdiri untuk kendaraan roda dua dan empat. Maskot MARCHAL adalah seekor kucing yang sangat ikonik. Lampu depan MARCHAL menyuguhkan tampilan yang unik dan visibilitas yang sempurna saat malam hari.

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Ulasan Produk MARCHAL

Absolutely love this bucket. Classic Marchal style and decent lighting. has a standard h4 bulb, also has a city light for you bloaks.

I would like you to sell it as a complete kit if it is a full kit
I got a little trouble assembling.
quality ? Accuracy is satisfactory.

CB 223 S requires Large width change
Meter Bracket self made ? Light Bracket exchange
Meter cable extension etc.

เป็นไฟหน้าที่สวยงามแข็งแรงทนทาน วัสดุที่ผลิตที่ดี ไฟสว่างมากในตอยกลางคือเพราะหลอดไฟแบบH4 ติดตั้งง่านเพราะมีอุปกรณ์มาให้ครบ It is a beautiful lightweight, durable, good material, very bright in the middle, because the H4 Installed because the device is fully equipped(translated by Google Translator)

The manual was difficult to understand. Is it because I am an amateur? I managed to install it. It is brighter than NORMAL and it evenly illuminates. It is enough because it does not concern things at the time.

I attached it to ZEPHYR 750. Since there are a lot of Wiring in the vehicle Light case, I bought a Unit that is not in Assy, but since it is difficult to understand the explanation of the position etc in Instruction Manual in order to combine Rim and Lens, temporary alignment position Screw adjustment (repetition) I had a hard time. I am playing Position lamp. When the protrusion of the cat is made brighter, the presence of a large amount comes out considerably from the OEM. It is universal, but it was attached exactly. Supplement, although Sticker is Quantity : 1pc. I did it..

I am very pleased with becoming the Image I was thinking of..
Just changing the color of Light makes you feel that Custom degree has become very high.
Because I do not ride at night, I chose the performance overlooked, but it is still dark.
However, the appearance will be higher than that.

Originally Marshall's Yellow Lens was attached to second-hand vehicles purchased, but we exchanged to Clear as it is difficult to keep the Balance of any exterior.

Stone Glass Lens, texture does not compare with light unit of Small thread of OEM Pla Lens. Although it is intended for masters, I will make the price as it is, but I feel that it is not Martial if it is not expensive (Lol)
Exchange Emblem etc. etc. I also have fun.

In the case of Large moral magazine, OEM's Headlight Bracket has a wide installation width and it is necessary to fill in the space with Washer or something because the width of Case is not enough. In my case I made a color with Aluminum shavings.

Thank you for your product , i like it very much, i think i will recomment to some friend in my group . i love it , may be i order more and introduce to my friend