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Sejak didirikan pada 1988, Marchesini telah menghasilkan berbagai velg motor berperforma tinggi dan dikenal sebagai brand velg road dan racing di seluruh dunia. Kini, velg-velg Marchesini digunakan di berbagai ajang balapan, seperti MotoGP, SuperBike, dan SuperMotard. Selain untuk balapan, velg-velg Marchesini juga dapat digunakan untuk keperluan berkendara sehari-hari.

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Noticed that the M10 Rubber wearing the ZX - 14R has died and purchased quickly. The former White-like Rubber was broken and crumbled

I order this item for replace damaged original stickers of the wheels. It is high quality. EMS Service is fast shipping. thank you - Webike.

BMW S1000RR celebration edition We mounted in 2016. At the same time, dedicated Adapter, Sprocket exchange is necessary.

Originally the OEMWheel of S1000RR has been considerably weight saving and we did not expect that I bought this item was good although it was good.

However, when I turned the intersection for the first time after installation, my expectation was betrayed in a nice sense.
"What a lightness like this Niehan!" I was touched by my heart.

In S1000RR Specifications it is as light as Niehan! Do not you think it is the strongest? Indeed, in the Full Normal Specifications, the highest peaks in S1000RR Marchesini wheel can be said exactly as a "gold stick to a demon" Learn more.

I think that it limits not only the S1000RR but also the limits of all Motorcycle considerably.

You will be able to sense the benefits of it especially when traveling Sports such as Circuit.

This Marchesini with perfect appearance and performance is definitely a Recommendation. Once I put it I can not return anymore.

By the way, my Wheel was delivered after painting to HP 4 Blue.

Finally Damper rubber became safe JAPAN.
It is safe if it is made in Japan!
It will not last long.

We installed M7RS Gold Anodized in 2016 HG of ZX-14R.
At the same time we need to replace Exclusive Sprocket.

When it is ZX - 14 REMWheel 5 front. 15 kg, after 7. 78 kg in total 12. Although it is 93 kg, M7RS is the front 3. 79kg (-26%) , Back 5. 80kg (-25%) Of total 9. It becomes 59 kg, 3. Weight reduction of 34 kg.
I think you will be surprised at lightness just by having it with WheelSingle Body. In addition, Wheel is engraved with Serial number, only Owner can know.

At the moment that it straddles the car body "That? It's a bit lighter?" I think.
You can feel that it is no longer a different Motorcycle when you turn a runway intersection.
Let's stop wearing like a runaway tribe in a stag beetle.
The downfall becomes very light and I want to go to the pass and Circuit.

It makes me feel happy just looking at the seven Spoke and the beautiful Gold Anodized.
I can not help being cleaned by wiping Wheel.
Also postcards will be sent at a later date, and if you register as a User you will receive a Marchesini Metal plate.
It is a price that you can buy second hand Motorcycle with a price of 300,000 yen over, but its value is definitely worth it.
Those who are lost please try by all means. I am sure that Motorcycle life will change.

I received it immediately after ordering, and I received notice of Instruction Manual Kiya Support, it was included and it was good. Installation went well, and after installation, running, vibration, Shock, etc have changed, making it easier to run. Later, I think that Gost will be a little cheaper, but, as a result, I am satisfied.

I used it for Competition.
As the old Damper died in Socco
I exchanged.

Marple says
It seems to be adapted to the climate of Japan...
Finally it became normal.

I purchased from the webike. It was only sold here. In Italy it did not sell. Another was hard to find products. Fortunately I made a purchase here. It decreased somewhat expensive But the high point, Arrive in a week (in relation to customs) Very desirable. weBike are also up fast answers to your questions. Satisfied with everything Waiting for my cbr600rr mounted on bikes. And I will put on the blog ( Thank you. I will buy here again Other parts