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MARUTO menawarkan berbagai aksesoris untuk Sepeda Motor. MARUTO handguard dan Cover Jok Motor dijual dengan harga terjangkau dan menyuguhkan pengalaman berkendara yang nyaman.

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although the side bag made from leather was used until now -- natural violence -- a tatter, shape collapse, and key nothing -- it came out and made it this! a large -- satisfactory -- all are filled.

Until now, it was reliable using T-MAX, SkyWave 650, MP3 250ie, TDM 900 GIVI Screen, and COSPA is outstanding compared to other companies (13. 4 thousand yen) so I made it here.

Installation is WrenchQuantity : With 2pc, there was no need to adjust the hole position, it ended in 5 minutes. Although it is extended Length by 200 mm or more in relation to OEMScreen, the thickness seems to be present as it has 4 mm thickness. Since the upper end is not warping, there is no chance of turbulence. The view is also Clear itself, how does the impression change when you run?

What I was most concerned about before purchasing is what will happen with the handlebar full lock state with the OEMHand guard equipped car, but it interferes to the extent that it is still touched. It is Level which is anything by adjustment, there is no problem in use.
Incidentally, it does not interfere at the normal Handlebar Lock position.

There is only OEM Product, LED Pitch is in Reflector hole Pitch of installation place and it looks properly.
However, Wiring to the lid contacts is a parting pattun unless Wiring far from the contact side is well wired due to the Length of the Limit, or Wiring of the contacts can not take into consideration the capture of four Wiring intake ports Because it is hard to pass through, extend and do Quantity : 2 pc capture.

This time Kawasaki OEMTop case (OEM of V47) Although it is used for OEMMonokey base, Case side can be used as it is, but base side does not consider contact setting, so it is necessary to direct wiring without boring processing or using contacts.
Well Kawasaki does not have a premise, so it can not be helped.

I was going to purchase Spoiler type of MRA and watching Webike, I happened to see this product of GIVI.
If I was watching my predecessor's impression, (Compared to MRA) It is Large type, but it seems that windbreak effect can be expected.
Sometimes it was inexpensive at Sale, I tried comparing it to myself.

1) It is not good that the transparency of Screen is high and Meter is transparent, that point is good for Smoke of MRA.
2) At the briefing, the Spoiler type of MRA does not destroy the original style and Balance seems to be good.
However, when you look carefully, the compatibility with Bikini cowl + body size Size seems to be better for GIVI.
3) When I installed Spoiler type of MRA in VFR before, there is almost no difference in windproof effect.
4) Sale was cheap anyway anyway.

With the above, we purchased cheap GIVI at the expense of Screen's transparency.
Installation worked without considering anything, but the hole positions match Exactly, so it's finished in only 10 to 15 minutes.
First of all, when I compare it on the street ride, I did not feel the change in the wind protection effect, but it was good without any change in the visibility contrary to Large.
When I run a high-speed run at a later date, the wind corresponding to my body is obviously less felt.
Even if you keep your head down, the wind that hits the whole face of Helmet flows almost without resistance when lightly hit, so fatigue has been alleviated.
"personally" If you focus on Normal style, I think MRA, Custom feeling + wind protection effect is GIVI.

Purchase because TanClock is convenient
I am sorry that Bracket by car type is sold separately
Tank Bag can be fixed firmly
Because it can come off with One-touch, Gasoline is easy to put in
Capacity can still be afforded even if you put a single lens reflex
There is no pressure feeling so much during driving * Height 178 cm

I used it installed in the 2005 model of CBR 600 RR!
I also said that it is the Motorcycle of SS, and because I had no loading capacity, I thought that it would manage somehow!
I've got all the luggage I've put in the Fanny pack!
A sense of security that drinks and valuables are in the range that you see is good..
The smartphone is hard to put in brown brown and TanClock itself comes under the chest so even if you navigate with smartphone you can not see it while driving.
So I can not see it waiting for a signal or stopping.
I thought that it would get in the way of driving but it comes to a position that does not become an obstacle at all, so it will be saved. Another one was feeling that it would be hindered to drive with Large Yu Size.

I bought it for R1200 GSA LC.
I remodeled the original Easy Lock and installed 90-degrees rotated.
Because it is not difficult to say the remodeling, because the position of the hole is only different, cut out two places so as to enter Screw, cut out a part which is slightly covered so as to open the fuel cap, and place two triangular marks in an unnecessary positioning I scraped it off..
I was able to install it without problems.
Preventing falling off was also properly attached.

The product itself is the best.
After all GIVI is good!

Installation The disadvantage of the biggest Large is to decide the 20 mm hole place to Rear Fender.
When I remove OEM's Bolt and point it at an oblique direction, this is Kimo
Marking I can not reach it deeply even if I put drill and Drill into planned place! Operation conference.
I was inspired
Long Bolt with the same Size Sharpen the tip in a pencil shape and cut a little bit into that surface
I could position the mark perfectly as I screwed in my guy!
After that, I will place a Small meter Drill here and pilot hole is completed.
If you pierce from the Tire side with 20 mm Hole saw and have finished BALI then it is a quick victory