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MARVELOUS ENGINEERING merupakan produsen yang ahli dalam modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja GPZ900R. MARVELOUS ENGINEERING memiliki konsep untuk mengubah tampilan motor menjadi lebih modern dan meningkatkan kemampuan kontrol serta performa motor tapi tetap mempertahankan gaya unik motor Ninja.

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I bought it to make it an LED from a light bulb.
There are also cheaper products, but I thought about the quality here.
It seems that it became a new motorcycle with bright and beautiful coloring.
Replacement was troublesome because I could not get out of Rubber cap behind Meter but I can do it myself.

The title is as follows. It was easy to fasten together with Battery case. I do not know that it comes with a peep from Rear tire side, but self-satisfaction is high ( Lol )

I bought a cheap LED Tail Lamp and a part that does not turn on quickly appeared, so I thought it was a good thing but I am sorry it wishes that no more extinction will be increased.

【What made you decide the purchase?】 It is OEM shortage and this is all.
【How was it actually used?】 Materials similar to OEM, Size As a substitute there is no problem!
【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】 Large durable if you check the usage.
【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】 Preliminary information gathering.
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?] None.
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if there are any improvement points】 Thank you for making lack of parts!
【Have you compared items?】 OEM second hand goods

With the replacement of the Clutch release, the place where we asked for an estimate requesting replacement for a new part, what a reply of a missing item is!
I also thought about OEM second-hand goods, but then what I'm using now is enough.
By the way, I found it at Mr. MARVELOUSEngineerRing's HP, so I found out where I confirmed it.
OEM and same etc. Material of - Size. It is grateful for old cars that have become more lack of items ♪
Just remove the OEM and install it the same way. The shape of the edge is also flat and spherical for OEM and also for this product. Pierce the same side to the Engine side. (If you are diverting from Release, please use the appropriate side. There is a possibility that Clutch will not run out)

Although the effect of renewing this Parts is self-satisfied, I bought it also in the sense of supporting MARVELOUSEngineer Ring who made a missing item Parts.

We adopted it for improving visibility from the back when driving at night!
Even NORMAL does not have any problem "Well, I feel!"
Competitor's products include Lens and less LED.
Although this product is only the base, LED cocks w (I forgot to take a picture)
The number of LEDs can be laughed so much "Surprised" Is an accurate expression! (Try searching images with GPZ 900 R LED Tail)

Number If you already use Lens whose irradiated part is Clear, you can just replace the foundation. If you do not, it is expensive as you need to purchase Lens at the same time.
(Lens exchange is unnecessary if License Plate Light is attached with Normal fender)

Installation is easy because it is base conversion with NORMAL.
Accuracy is also firm and easy to install!
Work time is about 15 minutes.

The visibility has definitely improved and GPY 900 R "Tail lamp exhausted" Because it is released from, it is a recommended item for those who are considering to exchange to LED Tail.

Although it is OK even if there is not, it is convenient Items.
Rear shock reservoir Tank There seems to be a place to install it is unexpected.
Until now I was attaching to Frame near Briza Cover but it was kicked out by Inner fender exchange and the place has gone. I thought about installing it on Seat rail on the classic footpeg but it was not allowed to be disturbed by Tandem Footpeg.
Destroy work and throw it out NetSurfing (Old) If you escape to the dizziness and helping hands!
Yes, it was not Mr. Buddha's spider thread, but MARVELOUSEngineerRing-sama's Tank Bracket came down.
The attached image can also be seen in reservoir Tank of Piggyback type. Cool ♪ in Simple
Installation is Battery box's BoltQuantity : Just tighten to 2pc.
The problem is that many Bolt can not be removed by Battery solution.
(Actually I destroyed the Battery box and removed Bolt. )
After that it is easy if we can clear it. Just attach Bracket and fix reservoir tank in Band.
It is perfect for people who like Simple looks.
Since the reservoir tank is hidden, Appeal degree goes down.
Then you may be interested in stepping stones from Tire?
This neighborhood chooses people.
Recommended dish for those who are at a loss and who want a little bit different things!
"Even if you do not need it, it will be convenient if you have it" It is Tank Bracket made by MARVELOUSEngineerRing!

Slightly expensive, but it is bright because it is bright and easy to see.

Because it is a special item of GPZ 900R, it can be installed with Bolt-on.

OEMMeter Bulb is bothersome to replace, so I am happy to be replaced with a long-lived LED.

It is nice to be able to make LED easily.

Because there are many LEDs, it is bright and easy to see.

I am glad that White color LED for Number irradiation is attached at the bottom.