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Matris merancang dan memproduksi sistem damper untuk motor dengan performa yang tinggi seperti stabilizer stang, shock depan, suspensi belakang dan masih banyak lagi. Matris Italia memproduksi damper yang telah bereputasi sangat baik di seluruh dunia.

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I was looking for a steering damper for the 2013 model Ninja 250. Not being complaining about Ninja 's Handling, Steering damper in Motorcycle was a dream from a long time ago ? ? ? I decided on Ma Birds though I examined it with various Manufacturer. Handling will calm down if there is steering damper in use feeling. I often say that it is not necessary for city riding, but I think that's not the case. Also looks firm and tightened ? ? ? Although expensive, I think that I was glad I bought it.

For Cost it's a little expensive but at that price
It is a matching performance quality.

It is easy to install and recommendable products
(* ゜ ー °) ゞ ⌒ ☆

? 【What made you decide the purchase?】
In the installation model, there is no Front fork ASSY outside the company,
Even OEM Parts Number was not handled in ASSY.
In the meantime, there was a Kit that can exchange Cartridge kit, so I bought this product.
? 【How was it actually used?】
Extremely lightweight with extremely wide attenuation adjustment range (45kg) But
I was able to run so far so I am very happy.
? 【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
Set Cartridge and finally tighten Fork's Top cap,
As OEM did not have holes in Spring collar,
I had a hard time compressing Spring.
This time I worked with two people so I managed somehow but it might be difficult unless I purchase a special tool - - - ?
? 【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】
It is similar to the above,
Finally when closing Fork's Top cap,
I think work to shrink Spring is the best barrier.
If it is a Type that inserts a bar into a hole of an OEM or the like and presses it, there is also a possibility of slipping
It may be necessary to take countermeasures around it. (Maybe you can do it if you are a good person - - - ?)
? Fit feeling and height when wearing - Please tell me the weight etc (Apparel case) 】 N / A
? [Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
From the beginning of purchase, Small scratches were noticeable.
Since it was a part with no influence on the use, I confirmed that to the maker and used it as it was.
? [Request to Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
Because it was a view that Small scratches are highly likely to be attached after manufacture
I was glad when you could manage the neighborhood a little more carefully.
? 【Have you compared items?】
Most of the other products are Spring only
To customize as a function of Suspension
I think it was only this product.
But, as you choose it, the price is not too high, so I wonder if it was a very good shopping.
? [Others]
It was a product of a maker who does not hear so much
I was honestly worried, but I managed to install it
It can be used without problems.
Translation of Instruction Manual (Please input here) There was a feeling that I wanted you to do a little better - - - Lol

In conjunction with Matrix made rear shock replacement, MT09 genuine front spring was replaced with Matrix. Genuine spring rate 7. 35N / Matrix standard spring rate 8 from mm. 5N / Rate up to mm. In Matrix, as with the spring rate change of the rear shock, the front also responds to the change of the spring rate, but select the standard spring rate. The nose dive at the time of breaking was relaxed, and the handling became sharp. The included fork oil is Motrex (KTM genuine designation) It was with. The viscosity is 10 W and a bright red mineral oil! MT09 inverted fork has damping function and extension side damping adjustment only on the right side. The inner cartridge on the left is just a thing connecting the outer tube and the inner tube, there is no damping function at all. This time, in accordance with the fork spring exchange, procure the right inner cartridge with Yahoo auction and change it to the left side. Both have damping function.

It is MatrisForkCartridgeKit for MT-07.
Originally I was using the HydroKit person, I felt the limits of Setting width, so I dared to change it.
When purchasing HydroKit, this Cartridge did not exist.

I think whether it is possible to install OH if it is possible, but I think that it is the best if you can make a detent for CartridgeBody.

Packing is necessary and enough.
Compressive side is difficult to move at Review of previous purchase (Too much attenuation) Although I was pointed out, when I contacted Matsumoto Engineer Ring "Japan Spec. I decided to incorporate it in my home country with the pressure side pulled out. I was able to purchase with confidence.

After all, it was thought of Circuit as the main body, and it was necessary to add a hand to make it suitable for Gymkhana which is my use purpose.
Depending on equipment weight, it can be used without problems with recommended values.

The damping adjustment range is fairly wide, depending on the setting you can use any scene.

We are 63 kg and Small handle.
Please refer as setting direction for weight closer.

Pressure side Oil hiroko 3
Extension side Oil hiroko 5
Oil surface 145 mm
Press side 20 - 25 Click back
Extension side 15 ~ 22 Click back
1 from Pre-road total withdrawal / 4 to 1 turn

In town ride ~ Gymkhana ~ ShortCircuit I think that there is a favorite place somewhere in the above.
As the Front tire moves so as to suck on the road surface in the current state, you can ride about the surface white.

Oil has changed, but it will show a wonderful move even with MOTOREX 5W which is enclosed.

Since there are few details, it is information for each part.

Coating is given to ROD, and movement from the beginning changes to another thing.

It seems to be fully adjustable, the adjustment range is wonderful.
Not only the upper Preload Adjuster but also the basic pre-road is changed to +4 0 -4 by changing the Spring receiving part of Cartridge.
The number of attenuation stages can be increased depending on how it is built in 26 basic steps.
Spring rate is 9. 0N / Mm Spring length 264 mm

Basic Setting
6 revolutions from the pre-road full punching
Press side 15 Click return
Extension side 15 Click return
Oil level 130 mm

I hope you find it useful.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
I started playing Motorcycle Gymkhana, I could not adjust Damper with OEM Suspension, Spring's strong opposition. Switching slalom and so forth, I got missed from Front, the falls continued and I felt the danger. Also, when the full lock rotation, etc., the suspension moved too much, the posture of Motorcycle was unstable. Preventing falls and injuries and Gymkhana Large party etc etc. From the person who saw me running, the Front suspension was fluffy and there was an add Vise with instability and I was thinking about purchasing.

Search by Net "Matris" I was struggling for half a year, but since the year-end Campaign of Webike was profitable, I decided to purchase.

【How was it actually used?】
Mounting can be installed by yourself if you have knowledge and tools that can overhaul erect sashes.
Initially, I thought the movement on the pressure Cartridge side was Large stiff and initial malfunction, and I sent it back to the agency for inspection. Shao Cartridge side was performance as I expected with Smooth movement.
After that, although I got the answer that the pressure side is also normal from the agent, because I can not use it with Gymkhana as it is, I told that it will enter Smooth more and adjusted it.
Response of the agency was Large strange, I understood the purpose of this properly and adjusted it as requested.
Thanks to the agency, the returning pressure side has been adjusted as requested and meets all my expectations.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
At the beginning of purchase, the movement on the compression side was disappointing, but due to the agency's response, it became Large satisfactory product.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
If you can select pressure side Cartridge with Soft, Hard think that you can save time and effort after purchase.

【Have you compared items?】
I was worried about the company's Damper unable to adjust type, but I felt the necessity of adjustment to come out, decided on this product.

First of all, :
Remove Top cap and NORMAL's Spring, Spaceretc. I will remove all of them..
Oil seal was reused in my case so I carefully removed it.
Installation is easy because it only puts Cartridge complete set.

Warning place :
MT was Oil Level 130, but the oil level does not come out only with the usual Inner Shikoshiko.
In this state, there is an oil surface far below Spring after driving.

Always also move InnerCartridge up and down and fill the Cartridge with Oil and measure it..
It goes into Cartridge well enough.

Feeling of use :
I bought it for Gymkhana, but the compression side Damper is too hard.
Oil is number 5 (Viscosity 15) Although it is specified, it was too hard
Hiroshima XX number 3 (Viscosity 3) Still hard putting
It does not quite get into it though it is thought that it makes a suspense reasonably fast by Corner or rotation.

Since there is no reply even if you contact Manufacturer, probably Spec. Oh, yeah..

On the other hand, the elongation side is the first 7. It was number 5, Manufacturer recommended number 5 was the best.

After all, the pressure side is returned to NORMAL, it is adjusted by viscosity and used.

However, it is a pleasant suspension at STREET.
I can relieve when Brake because it will sink slowly.

I do not know Circuit because I never ran..

Although it is personal impression to the last
(It is really personal!

Touring : Yes
Gymkhana : X
Safe driving practice session : △
Circuit : ??

Mounting on MT-09

OEM's suspension was not stable in Corner due to lack of dumping both before and after

After changing to the suspension of Ma Birds, there is no shortage of dumping and it is possible to run the mountain path very fun

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