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MAVERICK memproduksi knalpot dan rearset kualitas terbaik yang dibuat oleh para ahli. Tak ada keraguan pada kualitas produk MAVERICK karena semua proses produksi sparepartnya dilakukan di pabrik mereka sendiri.

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I love it with a rather Race ish sound with installation without Baffle from Full exhaust titanium of Wyvern.
Easy to install BandQuantity : It can be installed if 2 pc and Nut are removed.. early morning ? Midnight launch ? I will care about returning.

Anyway, it is cool.
There is also a sense of luxury, unlike cheap Silencer.
There are many cheap similarities, but they are different things.

Mounting on '99 GSX 1300R.
It is an absolute evaluation rather than a relative evaluation because of the first Rear Sets.

* Design seems to be different from Large. Below is the contents of Initial Model GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA.

【Mounting, accuracy】
Because Brake switch is diverted from OEM, Brake line does not have to touch.
However, as there is little explanation about the installation, I think that it will be difficult if you do not understand the structure around footpeg accordingly.
It would be better if you do not have confidence to partner with Fee Ring, leave it to the store.

Although it was packed in the temporary assembled state, since it is really temporary set, it is essential for all Bolt to be properly tightened with Torque.
Regulation Torque was instructed by kg of M6, M8 respectively. I think that it is surely kgf ? m.

Since FootpegMounting Bolt is arranged deeply, when using Torque wrench for retightening, it is long (There are about 100 mm) Type or Ball point 6 mm Hexagonal is required.
After that Ikechi if you have a basic tool, but be careful as Bolt's head of Large half is shallow and it's shallow taste.

Spec. As you can see, OEMPosition is not set.

For the time being, we attempted to install to Position which is closest to OEM, and it interfered with Exhaust pipe with Brake pedalFull stroke.
Since my exhaust system is changing for my vehicle, I can not do this.
According to Instruction Manual, it is confirmed that OEMExhaust pipe and Maverick's exhaust system will not interfere.

Although Left Side does not also interfere, Side Stand and Change Pedal are too close and legs hit when SHIFT UP, so personally NG. Does this depend on the physique?

The most severe Position (Up & down) change to. Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) And the interference is like Limit Safe. In my case the Change Pedal side has lowered to the limit of the range of adjustment so it may not bring the Pedal position to the best depending on the physique and preferences.

Although it is not limited to this Rear Sets, as changing the position of footpeg changes reservoir Hose of RearBrake master cylinder becomes painful Routing, so adjust the position of reservoir tank with appropriate Bracket, change Hose etc. We need to devise.

【Quality / texture】
Although there were scratches to the extent that you did not know well if you did not see it well, packaging was polite and reached in Beauty state.
Firmly textured with Aluminum Cut-out.
I chose Gold, but there was no color unevenness, etc..

【Performance / Function】
As feeling of Shift, feeling of moderation increased. The power to step in to that extent became necessary, but is this neighborhood a matter of taste?.
Personally it was okay because I felt it was not good for OEMPedal's moderation of moderation.

However, as I wrote above, it is not possible to choose only real 1-position due to interference.
Personally fatal is that Heel plate is too low and you can not hold the car body with the heel - ankle when the toes are placed on the footpeg. I hear that "the rigidity around the footpeg has improved with Rear Sets", but it is a thought that it is impossible for me to stop pressing even if the rigidity rises.

[Feeling of use]
Fortunately the toughest Position (Up & down) So there was no sense of incongruity so there was no problem as Position.
, But as I ride with the basic toe on the footpeg, Heel plate was fatal.

【Cost performance】
Slightly higher pricing as Aluminum Cut-out's Rear Sets Kit.
The texture was expensive and packaging was also polite, but considering the simplicity of the Instruction Manual and its functional aspects, it is painful to say that COSPA is good.

It is a real 1-position for a high price, a deadly form Heel plate.
As a personal opinion, I can not help saying that Ike is only an appearance.
Heel plate is under consideration in the direction of making it yourself.

Just because it is a very expensive shopping
It was a very disappointing result.

Also, to Silencer
Heat-resistant sticker to paste also
It is reflected in the image
It was not included.

I think that you should describe the item description in detail.

Because I wore the explosion sound exhaust system, I wear it made of Maverick made with a reputation for texture to somehow mute. Mute type is about 5 to 8 db Down and 0 things, but I downed just about 6 db in the middle. Measurement was measured with the maximum Large horsepower generation rotation.
Though the third picture is measured by the vehicle inspection method, it is useless unless you roll the Glass Wool and turn down the volume a bit more.

I received today. I bought it for reward to myself who worked hard for one year. I opened the packing box, it came out! Blue that is peculiar to Titanium !! Cool is it ~ I will fall in love (^^) I feel the real thing is Smaller than the image but as myself as Coffee cup

I use it in combination with Wyvern's Full Exhaust System.
I previously owned MV 83's Titanium L 300, but if I did not insert an Exhaust Baffle, (Lol)

As a result, I sold it in a certain Oakon, and bought it from this site.

I bought L400 Carbon, but this is a rather modest volume and I think that Large is durable without using Exhaust Baffle.
Later on, making details is good.

However, the price (Lol)

I ride the BMW F 800 GS with Leo Vinci's SBKOval Exhaust System, but the place I live in is an apartment complex, the heavy bass of Parallel twin 800 cc is Large. But OEM is heavy and it is unbearable.

Discover this item in such a place. Of course, because it is out of the standard, Thunder and File are handled with one hand. And finished. Let's hang on the Engine ...
Oh! I got very quiet!

Certainly, if you make it a straight tube, you can see something stuffing, but in Leo Binch, you do not mind if you attach the first End Baffle that comes with it. It gets even more quiet..
Unlike Glass Wool, it is good to have no change in silencing effect!

Actually, it is effective also in reducing fatigue at the time of Long touring.
Surprisingly "Sound exhausted" It is alright.
Whether you feel this 7,000 yen cheaply or how high you feel depends on you.