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MAXIMA dikenal sebagai produsen berbagai cairan minyak dan pelumas untuk sepeda motor, khususnya untuk motocross, yang dibuat di Amerika Serikat.

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Off Used for cars.
I thought about how cheap it is because of the amount, but it is unexpected !?

Transparent Wet type. Low viscosity.
Good workability without drawing thread.
Even when it is difficult to finely adjust the Spray and a little Spray
It gets outdone. (Individual difference?)
Nozzle thin is Material : Type in Plastic and plug in the Spray tip.
There is no Nozzle holder in Cap and a bit inconvenient.

Running after Spray will splash into Sheng Large.
Even if you wipe off the overnight stay a bit.
In the forest road driving, there is not much dust collection and there is considerable durability.
Splashing rub will fall cleanly with Cleaner.

Even after the oil has run out while Spray several times
I feel like Chain's gotcha got fewer.
(Some ingredients remain?)
Also, so that Chie's Piece which had been reluctant to move to Smooth ....
Is it just a coincidence or Lub?

I think that lubrication performance is good although it is not 100% as a product.

Slight smell is somewhat distinctive ... It is not as warm as w
I would like to append it if I use something a little more.

It uses in the Motocross. since it is lubricating frequently although
fixing rate may be the better one --
-- it does not understand well.

Although it is continuing using in several years, there is no problem in particular. If it is going to lubricate, only one
Oil purchased the other day [
] will have begun to leak from the portion which pushes a Spray.

I think that it hit inferior goods by chance.

Although already used for about two years, there is scattering of an early Oil, but I think that a fixing rate is good. Somewhat expensive kana ...