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Absolutely nice product,its fits perfectly on front fender,very recommended product, nice packaging

This is nice product,good quality,fit very well on ironhead,very recommended product,non slippery on hands

Very nice product,good quality,its easy to install and fitment

I want to share a review of the product I purchased. I bought a spider net to fix my helmet or luggage. I used to have nets for attaching luggage, but they were very stretched, and my luggage or helmet hung, could even fall. But after a long search, I found an excellent grid. It tightens and tightly fixes a helmet or luggage. I highly recommend this product to everyone. Thank.

I was pretty lost whether to buy a famous place
Purchase by saying that it does not wear with other people!
Texture etc etc. There is no problem at all and inside is good
The price is also cheaper "Why is Light Bracket like this price when I return to the shirafu?"
There is not a person attaching a good place privately in this Light Bracket
Front forkStem can install even without removing it These two points are good words!
Once using this type I can not remove the Fork and Type of installation

It took a while to reach, but it was Just size for KTM 250 EXC.
OEM was Washer fixed, but this is Nut fixed.
It is about half the OEM's.
Reflective part is also rough and is glaringly reflective so it is cool.

This is very good bulb because the colour of it and also it is a H4 , when off road use it extermly usefull when road get mist and easly see way through the mist. When it fitting simply remove cver and replace with old builb that so simple theres no additional steps to do that. i also use it for city rides it gives unique look beacause it colour . shiping also fast and it deliverd more than i expect,

I am satisfied with COSPA and it is Exactly to me who was looking for Simple Boots of Design anything.
However, because Sole is thick, it is difficult to drive.