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Kampas rem Metallic, yang umumnya digunakan di ranah balapan di Jepang, mampu meningkatkan kualitas sistem pengereman, mudah dikontrol, dan tahan lama.

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Ulasan Produk METALLICO

Until now I have used Vezla's ZD-TC from Circuit to city ride, but I remember the unsatisfactory by the Circuit performance, switched to here.
? Feeling of use in Circuit
Impression that a very strong braking force can be obtained with little force.
Running with the same feeling as Pad for STREET, it feels like Speed ??falls too much.
I felt it necessary to re-set the suspension as much as the braking force was strong. In addition, the deceleration G becomes stronger and the body does not come.
? Usability in town ride
Many people have written, but especially when Front fork shrinks and it stops just before stopping. It sounds pretty big noise.
Because the rise of braking force is sharp and the movement of Front fork tends to be too large, there may be people who feel to be difficult to use if you take a street ride. I wish I could adjust it by attenuation.

Friend's CBR 250R (Old one) Attached to. Friends say that it came to stop tremendously. Finger Quantity : It seems that it stops even at 2pc or 1 pc. Thanks to Radial master, it seems easy to control.
By the way, when I was using it there was still 15 thousand kilometers, so durability is not good.

When you have both 7520 and 7520 Spec-3, Quantity : I ordered it and used it.

Initially it was for use with Nisshin Radial brake master 19 mm? Brembo 40 mm Casting? SUNSTARNEO CLASSICdisc, but later changed to bremboRCS 19 mm Master Cylinder changed. Both MASTER's were comfortable to use. I think that separation when release is also good.

Efficacy, outstanding. Excellent control. Excellent durability. Rainy weather, preeminent. Circuit, pass, STREET, irrespective of weather you can considerably reduce the feeling of fear of Brake in any Situation.
Pad residual pressure cuts below 2 mm (Recommended replacement period) Although squeaking of Brake was occurring from the situation, performance was inferior even in that situation. 1. Exchange to 7520 using up to about 7 mm. I am surely using over 10000 km as a distance.
Cost performance is about enough to completely eliminate the reason for choosing Brake Pads by price only.

Spec 03 "It is not for STREET" It is not Pad of such nature, but I think that using it in an environment that puts on heat with high speed will eventually last longer and the effect can be drawn at a higher dimension. Rather than being unsuitable for STREET, "Overspecifications" It is the impression that.

I bought it after examining various information compared with Jiku. It is an exchange from DAYTONAGold.

Although the braking power goes up, control nature did not become so severe so much.
It will be effective as you clench in.
There is no problem even at low temperature. I have not tried Wet yet.
In poor state Caliper or Master cylinder Pad alone may be dangerous instead.
It is generally good, so you can recommend it.

This is Metallica 's Pad 3rd exchange. It's only working this way!. It is the 2nd Pad exchange by exchanging with Rotor of SUNSTAR. Circuit and Pass and Touring. I wonder if 20 thousand kilometers are there.. It is Pad of Recommendation!

The moment when Pad and disc engage is easy to understand, and subtle control is very easy to do. Braking power when grasping is also powerful. Braking power is also high Control It is a good Pad which is good. I got a value, but it was worth it. I would like to buy another if you have good.

I've been doing Mini bike race for a long time, but I think that there is not quite a lot of Brake Pads that will respond to the thought of Rider so much.

For most Brake Pads, braking is somewhat weak if Controllability is taken, and Control is difficult if braking property is taken, but this Normal specifications fulfills both wishes.

Life is also long. There are also few attacks on disc.
It is 5 years Repeater. I used it a lot, but this is a really good Pad.

Regarding the braking force, among the Pads currently on the market, the highest level Level.
It is a type effective from the initial braking, but at the same time the rare Pad that also has controllability.

Also, the back plate is thicker than other products, due to repeated Hard Brake
Since warp does not occur even when high temperature is applied, it is also a point that Touch does not change.

That's why the price is getting higher and the COSPA is not good.
However, some experts seeking performance up to that point and Pad of Level who does not complain as for the competition.

Conversely, it is said that it is more than necessary for Rider, which will never repeat the hard Brake to that extent.