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The shape is good. I think that it is an indispensable part if Risma 's Mirror is attached.
Since dissatisfactory points are not covered by OEMCowl 's Connector hole, I hide it with Sticker Another Manufacturer - - -

There are two types of products corresponding to 14 to 15 year ceremonies and products corresponding to 16 years or later.
16 years with Intake Pipe retracted a little (Including Clamp La) It is
Since the installation method of Outer Cover is done, in order to install the old product
Processing is required.

There are four Parts in the image, but only one actually arrived.
Separately it is good, but I feel wilted and wilted. (´・ω・`)

Rear also tried a little Small of Rizoma as light intensity was enough.
License plate holder is Carbon so select Black here.
Also, Rizoma does not have a long Cable so it was necessary to extend it if it is not a Fender Eliminator, so 4 stars.
Because it is a little smaller than expected, four stars and four blinkers, the price is a little high, so we made it to three stars.

What is this blinker LED Tip 1 pc. It only comes with.
Because there was a very doubt whether sufficient amount of light could be secured by this, it pleasesed 1 pc. (Rizoma is basically Quantity : 1pc. I purchased only one)).
Design was good, Body was also cheap for Aluminum Cut-out and liked Color (I do not mind being too slippery Polished too ... ...)
Attempting to install it carefully When measuring with a luminometer from 30 cm away, EuropeYamaha OEMLED Blinker (It has 8 LED tips here) And Peak's brightness was Large and there was no difference.
After judging that it is only visibility problem, another 1pc. I ordered and exchanged only Front.
Although I tried to check Hazard out in the daytime and checked over and over about 50 meters away, but since it seems that there is no problem in practicality, I decided to ride this way for a while.

Since the installation part of RESISMA Blinker does not match the size of the hole on the car body side, it is necessary Parts to install. If it does not stick to details, it looks pretty acceptable, but it is a bit Large so I think I will scrape and give it a Fit when I have time. Quantity : 1 Set of 4pcs. In the case of yourself Quantity on the front side : 2pc. Since it uses only Set, even if it fails Quantity : 2pc. Set so it can be processed with confidence.
It's a bit pricey, but it can not be helped because it is made by Risuma..

It attached to SEA BASSGSX-R1000 K8. Mount Risuma's Fluid Tank. I used it with the attached Bracket, but I wanted to color the color. And because it was a Separate handle, I could not keep the Fluid Tank level, so I bent the stage and kept it level while using the step part of this Bracket.
Although there are various Brackets from other Manufacturers, it is still best to use Rika's Bracket in Rizuma's Fluid Tank with a unified feeling. Installation is very easy. Although the strength of Bracket itself is no problem, it is a pleasure to be bent freely even by yourself, because it is thin.
It will be installed at a convincing angle. Since the attached Bracket can be installed only linearly, it may not be a problem with Bar handle, but I think that this Bracket is necessary for Separate handle.

There is luxury good, good installation, easy!
I think that Parenthesis is good as it can be set at a low mounting position.
The field of vision is wider than the OEM and the adjustment range is quite useful.

I wanted to add this Manufacturer product in the future.