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HMR Helmets Safety Technology Malaysia tidak hanya menciptakan helm dengan tingkat keamanan dan kualitas tinggi, tetapi juga kenyamanan yang merupakan prioritas semua rider.

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They are fr, the elegance which may be cheap, and recommended goods a word.

Len BarrelCart course has a White of this with a child's Ren BarrelHelmet and when I tried it over a 7 year old grandson it was a little tight, so I ordered the L Size of the Graphic model. As I imagined, a 7 year old grandchild (Boys) It was Exactly Size !!

I tried to purchase Mirror shield together when I purchased Diablo. People who saw this item also purchased a mistake because there was a Mirror shield at ... ...
I bought without confirming well, so I can not say anything!

I bought it for 10 years old eldest son for Tandem.
I purchased the L Size of Kids for the purpose of giving a margin, but the forehead seems to be a narrowed shape and a slight pain is given.
High safety and Graphic are wonderful, but the burden on the neck of a child may be Large by making it comparatively heavy.
I chose the safety first, so it can not be helped if I think about the price, but I can not recommend for Tandem unless it gets a little lighter.

Lightness, Large Kimono is just right. The price is reasonable and it is used for summer use. Full face also uses LS 2 but it is lighter than the other Helmet and it is the best by MFJ official recognition. For a while I will use Helmet from Manufacturer here. It is enough to purchase at half price of Large Hand Manufacturer.

Size is Smaller than other Manufacturer,
The position of the chin strap is deep and difficult to use,
The cheek pad is too large,
I think that the depth of the whole is also insufficient.

Replacement from OGKCUB RT-33

good point : Very light
Design is cool
Helmet Bag's design is good

Impossible point : Teak Pad tightly hurts cheekbones holding down (Scheduled to be replaced with L → XL)
The opening and closing of the Shield is hard
My head is shallow or my chin comes out from Chin curtain (Maybe your face is long)
The collapse of Teak Pad, Neck pad after being covered is terrible (It may be a low friction)

Although there are some disadvantages, I think that it can be made chara just by being light.

I have not used the Visor screw I purchased yet
I feel that making a bit sloppy
Because the joint of the first attached Visor screw itself has peeled off
I purchased it as a backup