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MIDLAND adalah brand asal Italia yang khusus menyediakan interkom dan alat komunikasi lainnya pada motor yang dapat meningkatkan pengalaman berkendara Anda. MIDLAND telah menjual lebih dari 100.000 interkom di seluruh dunia.

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It is a singing phrase that combines ActionCam and Dorareko but as a honest actioncam it feels like two wire class.

First of all, since the largest Large picture quality is less than 1080 p 30 fps, lose its appearance to 1080 p 60 fps ActionCam. And I think that coloring is not good as I record it. It is exactly the image of feeling like Dorareko.
Although the date is displayed under the Right of the recording data, it seems that it will not disappear even with ActionCamMODE, so it is not suitable for use as a video work creator.
And since transparent Housing is sold separately, it seems necessary to buy separately.
(It seems like Waterproof Specification to some extent as it is)

Although it is a bad point, the good point is that it is premised on usb power supply, so installation is very easy. It's compact so it's not to get in the way.

As far as dorareko go.
I can not use it as an ActionCam, but it may be good for those who want a dorareko for the time being. Just because the same amount of gold is spreading around the Chinese front and back dareco, please think well whether this is really necessary....

ActionCamera that can record Loop with just high contrast.

There is no impact sensing, so there is no function to evacuate Data when accident
The moment of accident can also be overwritten as past data if it continues as long as battery.
Since SDCard is sold separately, hold the battery (2 hours) <SDCard capacity (1120 minutes at 128 GB) It will not disappear once it chooses with. I simply want to divide it by 16 GB.
It may be reasonable to mean that it does not correspond to that point 1 to 4 GB from the beginning.

I have a lot of Mounts, but for the time being
? Handlebar Mounting : Precision accuracy, easy-to-do
? Strap wrapped around the arm : Impression that VelcroBelt is cheaply unbearable
? Adhesion Type : This possibly corresponds to GoProMount ?? Instruction Manual has not written anything.
⇒ BodyFolder is called Basic "Tripod screw" So it might be cool if you put it on another company's mount.

Connector for charging is USB, but it is not MicroB so it can not be shared with mobile phones.
Is it possible to take a large number of USB Cable when riding Motorcycle?
Included Parts : There are various things, but there is no cap on Lens side MinusPoint.

Also because it can be played on Windows or MacOS, it is also a disadvantage that you can not see on the spot on the phone.
MobileOS is not subject to support, so it is difficult to check recorded content on the road.
It would be useful if there is a Small Type Monitor with WMP in Waterproof. Well I can make it with Lazpai...

Although it is not a problem of Camera,
Since it burrs with Motorcycle, Number can not be read when Large of vibration is good.

I am sorry for the above contents, but I can not recommend it by hands.
And, although it is writing Negative thing, it is ant if you buy it after being convinced of the above points.
For the time being, no problem at all.

It is easy to carry and the texture of Body is good.
Dora Reco is also in the process of development so I'd like to buy it as a contingent that will be used on multiple units for the time being.

I made an inquiry to LINKS Co., Ltd. which is doing support but the reply did not come back.
Anxiety concerning correspondence when something happens, such as initial malfunction.

Beep sound is different between music playback and stopped Spec. So, during playback the sound is high frequency, this is a bit irritable (Feeling of obstructing eclipse).
It would be nice if I could turn it off by setting, but that kind of thing is not prepared.
There is no particular problem with Others.

I rarely do Mass Touring, I always run alone, so I did not feel the necessity of Income. However, contact may be entered even on business work holidays, because only the answering function of the telephone while driving is OK ... ... initially thought about disassembling the general Hands - free microphone and attaching it to Helmet , I knew that this product was released from Mid Land and bought it.
It is attached to SHOEI's HORNET-ADV. HORNET-ADV is a dent for Speaker when you remove Ear Pad (Until notches that carefully let you escape the code!) there is. However, Speaker of this product is slightly large and there is also a Cable that leads to Microphone, so it will float as it is. So I pasted a 3 mm thick Sponge rubber and pasted Surface Fastener on the bottom raised. (Left Side may have been 5 mm thick) The rest is to put the remaining code behind the pad
Switch is also thin and Small, Helmet Appearance is almost unchanged. I think that it is convenient, but I felt it was good to make this product because the Large Receiver stuck beside Helmet somehow unfortunately. I am satisfied..

But ... ... It is a common story ... ... There are no incoming calls while driving even after purchasing (Lol). When I was on an off car a long time ago "When I bought a Puncture Repair Kit I did not puncture!" That "There is" I remember.

Although it is a dealer, correspondence of Japanese agent LINKS is Waste correspondence.

The customer turns on the power, but since there is no sound, it is sold after being repaired. For the fourth month.
If you contact the supplier you purchased and check the correspondence
Because I had contacted you to send it to the import agent in Kyoto by former payment
I contacted LINKS Co., Ltd. to confirm the former payment and sent it
Where the actual item returned and the customer called LINKS Co., Ltd. to make a complaint

What I said about LINKS Co., Ltd.
We have announced that it is the Onza い ま す that there is a case when you update the VERSION's Up date with our HP when you receive a call - - I was told that, but are you asking me?

Since I am in trouble being told that I have not heard it, I will call LINKS Co., Ltd. from a receptionist
It turned out to be a male soon and it was said
It was bad that we did not provide guidance, but it does not apply to everything
Customers have upgraded themselves by themselves and the repair request has come
This time our company upgraded it and took it over the whole day
Since we are responsible for the return shipping fee - -

Since something is wrong, I contacted the purchased parts supplier
There was not much good story.

The thing handled by LINKS Co., Ltd. is the worst if it breaks.

I bought it for Camera installation of the same Manufacturer. Setup was easy, I actually ran the recording, but it was fixed properly without looseness of Screw.

BTX1 (Older) It is a replacement from.
In BTX 1, when listening to music you hear high frequencies well, but low frequencies were hard to hear.
I can hear female VOCAL, but I can hardly catch the voice of male VOCAL.
Junior company (BT-X2-PRO) I was Pairing with BTX 1 but the conversation was not particularly problematic.

This time, I purchased the BT-X2-PRO Hi-Fi Speaker.
I heard that Hi - Fi Speaker is good, music is well heard.

Speaker removes the pad of the ears of SHOEI Z-7 and is attached to the indentation.
Just a bit of the Speaker's thickness, there may be a possibility to hit the ear.

FMRadio has radio conditions, but only 2 stations can be received at the moment, well Oh well I usually listen to music so there is no problem - - -.

And to be honest with that, I think that you do not need a stop lamp.
I stopped it from the application of android.

When removing Income, such as parking, there is a fear that Pin of a spring type connector will be caught in Pocket etc. on Body side.

As a result of replacing Helmet with a new one, I bought it for MIDLAND BTX 1 PRO from cheap Income of Chinese-made? It will be about a year and a half.
When I started using it, it is incompatible with? XPERIAZ 5 and it will be a banging sound enough to break the sound when playing music,? When the sound of Radar interrupts during music playback, the first few seconds tells me that the sound is too small and I can not catch it I was very unhappy, I used to stop using SENNA though I regretted that I should have bought it (Music playback was overwhelming using ExtraVolumeConfig).
But just the other day, I noticed that the farm Wear which was up dated to Manufacturer HP has been released, and I downloaded it ...
I am also improving!
Furthermore, the reconnection with smartphone, Radar became very stable, very convenient to use!
I am using it satisfactorily now.

If you dare complain, Button is easier to use if it had more clearly concave and convex. It is difficult to understand which Button you are touching if it is a thick Gloves for winter. Those who use thick Gloves may be better studied.