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Purchased with KIJIMA 's Handlebar Mount Bracket intended for use.
Sumaho uses Expert Rearxz 1 in landscape orientation
Because I wanted to get to Top Bridge as much as possible
I chose this instead of DAYTONA
L-shaped connection Parts (Silver color part) Using it will completely close the keyhole
I got it, but attached to Bracket without connecting Parts
There is no problem with fixation of the smart head and making details

It is the second time to use the Smartphone Holder of My KnowLa. Because the first one was a one-touch type, I bought a thing that was not a one-touch expression this time because my favorite thing was stolen.
Although I have been exposed to rain breeze for about 3 years since I began using this 2nd item, there are no wobbles in the feeling of use although there are some wobble.

Excellent smartphone holder. I tried to fit into it a large navigator with the specified dimensions. In principle, it fit nicely into the holder, but I think that it will nevertheless be more suitable for a smartphone. Excellent build!

Purchase wish to use smartphones in Doreco.
The first condition was Folder where Lens does not cover behind as purchase conditions.
Inexpensive and easy to install. It is pretty solid even after installation.
It is safe because the fall is prevented by Silicon rubber.

In the photograph, I installed it in reverse so that Lens comes out, but I use it without any problem.

Quantity : 2pc. It is a Repeater of Set eyes purchase. Although the part where the smartphone contacts is Plastic, Clamp and Screw parts are firmly made of Gold genus. I think Cost and quality are made well for Balance. Orientation, degree of freedom of angle is also high, I think that it is a good product if you do not mind even seeing it.

It installed in SUPER CUB 90Custom.

Although it is also in Review of the other person, it interferes with Brake Arm.
Although I could install without interfering if I bent Bracket and Exhaust pipe by hand slightly, but one anxiety remained.
Large stands as it is with Center Stand, but it also interferes somewhat like this when parking in Center Stand.
If you do not remove Center Stand, I think that parking with Side Stand is as good as possible.

Is it reasonable to think at this price.
If you say the perfect ones, say, Recommendation of another company's Exhaust System.

C50 (49cc HeadTune car) I am using it.

Although it is touched with for CUB, Layout itself is the same as for MONKEYDown Exhaust System passing under the Engine.
This will reduce the clearance to ground, but for Kick pedal for MONKEY can be used and custom choices will increase.

It is impossible to imagine building around 10,000 yen in a good way.
The fitting of the Exhaust pipe is almost perfect, the welding is also beautiful, there is no excitement of the Bead inside the Flange.
Since there is no fancy yet, it is not suitable for those who want the Impact of the appearance.

Although it is the performance aspect of the essence, this also betrays expectations in a good meaning.
Except that Setting is a little difficult and the lower Torque is slightly thinner, it is a fun Exhaust System that can be used for Almighty from town to pass.
The volume is modestly modest in Down Type's Exhaust System, but if you compare it with NORMAL, you are still quite noisy, so be careful.

It may be a problem of individual differences, but the length of the attached Spring may not match, so it may be necessary to prepare separately.
Also, the Exhaust pipe has passed through just under the Drain bolt, Oil is applied every Oil change and the cleaning is Large strange.

Although I can not help to say that the price is suitable if I look at the details, I think that it is an excellent gem for Cost performance even in that case.
I want to make it an external exhaust system but I do not want to be so picky, it is recommended for those who do not want to spend money there.

We also have a few patch attaching patches, and we are happy that we can firmly fix the phone easily and securely. Removal is also a One-touch, is it a little troublesome installation?