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MIRAX menyediakan spion model OEM dengan plating yang menawan. Spion MIRAX cocok bagi Anda yang ingin menyulap motor Anda menjadi baru lagi!

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I did not get YamahaOEMShort mirror, I made MIRAX affordable with Mirror of Standard Type Style. Mount the new item as it is and turn the expressway 80 km / When traveling in h, Right Side Mirror shook and was a backward vision Zero. Compared with OEM, Mirror Body is light weight. Bracket is thin and long. It seems he was shaking.
Perform initial work scheduled work. Shortening Bracket to the position I thought, the blurred backward view was Zero was improved, and the blur was completely eliminated. Well, in my case because it is an external MASTER, NORMAL can not be installed so I can not return it to the original, so I worked hard.

Processing is different from OEM, Bracket is thinner once, Cut in Grinder, and it is easy to just cut Screw Mountain with Tap.

It is very cheap, but the making is firm.
In some cheap Mirror the mirror surface may be distorted and the eyes may get dizzy
The mirror surface of this Mirror is very beautiful without distortion so visibility is very good.
Because the shape is also very common, I think that I will match well even if it is not Scooter.

I bought it because I thought that the price is cheap and looks like OEM, but it was Ha Gap. It was disappointing price! OEM (Y's Gear) It is about half as heavy as the one around the outside as compared with the product. The difference in weight is attached with ABS + Plating body The movable part is against the OEM of zinc Die-casting + Plating. Hap Gap products were all ABS + Plating and anxiety remains in strength.
The bottom is the product of Y's Gear.

Since the Mirror of the Stadium type is attached to the ClipOn, it has attached for padding of a Mirror.Although I think that a Cost performance is good in goods, I think that a product of this sort is covered over a decisive choice. -- when calling it padding of the Mirror well, it was to it, but it obtains also in texture and a Design and just called it a voice.

I was charmed by a low price and purchased. Although I did not expectat too much, it is not so bad. However, since it was bigger than I though, it is -1.

I purchased in accordance with left-side. Although I didn't care about the appearance and decided only at the price, it is good.

It is attachment at majesty.
Since he wanted to attach a mirror with short stay, purchase attachment was carried out to serve also as a spacer.
Since it was cheap goods, finishing was anxious, but it was not so bad and carried out.
However, those who expect, such as mirror finish, consider that it is better to choose a higher thing.