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I use it with XR 100 MOTARD, but it got brighter than I imagined. You can see clearly that OEM's light distribution is not good.
Installation is easy, but I think that some ingenuity is required. Socket and Waterproof Cover should better use OEM (It is usable normally). Apart from Reflector, it was made quite reasonable.
I think that it is inexpensive against the effect. LEDs and HID will also be brighter.

I purchased the odor of OEMLens with Lens cut to manage it.

According to other reviews, Position lampWaterproofRubber is already loose at the time of arrival - The terminal of the contact part with the Valve of the PH7's Socket is disconnected, there is considerable difficulty in fitting etc. etc. , I decided not to buy it by paying 4000 yen.

As a result I bought Lens with a warehouse and OEM brand new item.
Compared to Lens which was blurred with Yellow for years, the new item is cheap as it is a little 2000 yen at Beauty to fluffy.. I wish I had made OEM brand new from the beginning.

Hi all, This headlight lamp is a great alternative to the OEM unit, great quality and finish, Fits perfectly. I would highly recommend this item.

* I attached it to my friend's KSR. It is a representation of my friend.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
Light was quite dark

【How was it actually used?】
It got pretty bright
Use Valve included

【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
I scraped a little light cowl

【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】
If the drip-proof Cover? Is an OEM, a gap can be formed, so remove the LightConnector,
Set the attached Cover finally

Do not be afraid to do it carefully Large durable

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
When Position bulb socket wears on Multi-reflector, it goes through with a throat.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if there are any improvement points】 Required
Outside diameter of Position bulb socket? Precision of hole of Multi-reflector.

【Have you compared items?】 Required
LED Light

[Others] Any

I will add it if my friend says something.

Light of the off-road motorcycle, especially the old car of 90`s is dark! But LEDs and HID are Battery reply vehicles .... Also, Wiring processing and Included Parts : I also have to secure a mounting location for. What a person Recommends here!
Wiring just connects like an OEM! Cat's-eye just branches off from Low beam and just takes it away. (It disappears at the time of High beam)
It got brighter, it's about +1 mass from the torch of dragon Quest. (Oops! It is hard for a young person to understand?
The difficulty is that Rubber of Cat's-eye falls into polo-polo and falls out without permission, so so-called booger Bond (G17) Lightly point with.
Also, although it may be only yourself, the optical axis is facing upwards, especially on the Right! It is like turning the face of the opposing pedestrian battlely.
Since it is impossible to adjust with Adjustment Screw, paste Rubber on Cowl's contact surface and fix it.
It is easy to install and we are holding down the price, so it seems worth it!