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MISUMI ENGINEERING memproduksi suku cadang billet untuk HARLEY DAVIDSON. Seluruh aksesoris produksi MISUMI ENGINEERING memiliki tekstur yang premium seperti cakram rem, rearsets kit, dan handle rem.

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I purchased Red. In the image I felt Red and White! But the real thing is that White part seems to be Off-white? Cream color rather than White. Sorry a bit, but I think that it's a convenient clothes because you can put your own Protector in the hot summer season.

Rubber? Of the ring finger bones turned over once in use! When running with Motorcycle, the bone part is turned halfway and it is fluttering with the wind.
I do not know if I was Hapa but I think that quality is not good.
I can not recommend it much!

Purchase Inner protection jacketM Size of same Manufacturer
It's 173 cm tall and weighs 53, but ProtectPants may have been good with S Size
Although I can not use it even with M Size, the Protector of the knee will gap.
If you wear Skinny Pants etc. from the top it will be fixed at the right position so if you have the opportunity to buy next you would like to make it S Size

Because casual wear is M Size, purchase M Size here as well
I feel like I've forgotten wearing it very lightly
Size was also not noticeable even when wearing Jacket etc from the top without problems

I bought it like Design.
I use it not only for town riding in Casual dress and Touring but also for commuting on Suit in Suit.
At the beginning of purchase I did not hold Hold if the cowhide of the palm part was sliding smoothly with Wax or it did not hold it quite firmly but when I was using it for 3 days it grips me feeling like moistly sucking Was.
Sewing has been carefully and firmly, I feel comfortable to wear. There is also a simple Waterproof function, so the fingertips will not get cold at the usual level of city riding. I went on a highway for about 3 hours at around 8 ° C, but it is warm enough to sweat moistly in the palm of your hand.

It is useful because it can be used without incongruity even when not riding in Motorcycle.
I think that Size is OK with Size similar to ordinary Gloves. A maid - In - Pakis Tan was.

Knee slider is indispensable for running Circuit, but it is always this to buy because this price is cheap for some thickness.
Reverse side is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It has a dedicated shape, but Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) You can never use the reverse.
I think that it is a dish excellent in Cost performance,

I have torn!
Because I use only on rainy days, I use it only for counting, but when I notice, both of my hands have broken the index finger and the inside Waterproof Rami Rate is visible.
Whether Waterproof Grove's fate, once it gets wet in the rain, I have a hard time putting my hands and fingers.
As the Waterproof function, the surface part gets wet and becomes Vitabita, but thanks to Waterproof Rami Rate there is nothing to inundate the skin.
It is the reason of 2 ☆, but since it has passed several years since purchasing, it was taken as 2 ☆ because it was lost by the use counted enough.

The accident with which an oncoming car collides the other day was encountered, and it was very nearly close to death. Although the upper half of the body wore the Jacket with a Guard in the winter of
, the lower half of the body had not guarded
> -- although the Overpants goods for summer were looked for taking advantage of this --
-- it was not able to meet with a special thing easily.

It reached, br(ed) > purchased eventually at the conclusion that this product is most excellent.