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MITANI Corporation menyediakan sarung tangan dan sepatu dengan desain dan fungsi yang dibutuhkan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari.

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【What made you decide the purchase?】 The price was reasonable and it seemed easy to detach.
【How was it actually used?】 Originally it is Mechanic Gloves, so we are considering a Grip to grab the tool. The hand holding the Axel is also hard to slip.
【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】 Any
【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】 Any
【Fit feeling and height when wearing ? Please tell me the weight etc (Apparel case) Although it is a little Small feeling, Material grows and Fit feeling is also quite.
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?] nothing special.
【Hope for Manufacturer ? Please let me know if there are any improvement points】 If you have more variations, I think that selection will be fun. Different colors.
【Have you compared items?】 Wee Big Moto Sports Mechanic Gloves
[Others] None

Anyway Size is Small at all
More than One size Small than the other Rydi Gloves
The scoyco gloves we bought together are just for XL, but this Gloves is LL Anyway Small.
The length of the finger is also not enough at all

Is the Rubber part of this product sticky with stickiness? (Goo) I can not do it! (Chochi) Also? (Par) Even fingers can not stick together. This product is a level before the quality sayings, embracing a feeling of being selling as a product. I want to doubt the good sense of the trader selling such products! I can not absolutely recommend this kind of thing to anyone.

With the extremely cold in midwinter, I could not bear the cold, a cold numb is coming out of the hand, so if I used it in two piles it was Large sturdy. If it is not extremely cold, I think we can withstand anything but cold, and performance is enough.

I bought it because it was cheaper than the others. I am aware that seams are present
I thought that there were more sewings than I thought.
(There are 4 to 5 stitched together. )
I do not know anything else, but I felt that cheap reasons might be around here.

The fabric is T - Shirtetc. It is slightly thinner than what is used for.

I think that it is enough if it divides into Oil and dirt wiping.

Purchased because the maintenance Gloves I used before was torn..
It is easy to use feeling familiar to the hands.

However, there is a very small Smell....... It will be possible to get there someday

The chance that I learned about this item is the Internet's word-of-mouth site.
It is Gloves enough to wish to purchase at actual costs, whatever the Gloves paid to anyone for the police officers....
So I tried purchasing.
Price is also Large and cheap!
There is a slip on the fingertip, fingers are also easy to move
And I responded to Touch strongly on Smartphone's screen even with this item.
It is a convincing item.