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Terinspirasi dari gaya hidup rider di wilayah selatan California, Amerika Serikat yang sangat berkarakter, produk-produk MOON EYES seperti topi, kacamata hitam, gantungan kunci, dan lain-lain didominasi oleh gambar mata dan warna kuning yang ikonik.

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Produk Baru MOON EYES

Ulasan Produk MOON EYES

- cheap! (About 1000 yen)
- Carbon Style
- Type of Frame not covered with plate
- Sticker stuck on the bottom of Frame

- Because it is Plastic, it is uneasy about strength
- It seems to fade in a few years

It is packed with plastic feeling as expected.
It was better if there was no gloss.
How to make use of the lower Space - - - Amid such delusions.

To hide it - - - Large Kimono was just right and the price was cheap and it was good. I once stuck it, but since it was solid, I could paste it without breaking it.

It is a very small Emblem.
Plating was on and I put it on the side of the car's Dashboard.
If you paste it on the exterior, since Plating is thin, I think there is a possibility of peeling off.
If it sticks, it is interior.
Small It is Emblem, but the interior became fashionable.

It is charmed by use of color and the Logo and the Parts and Wear of the purchase
company, and accessories are stuck on the w

Helmet which is a perfect Sticker Tune since it does not use, or Or [ sticking on a Motorcycle ] -- the
size ---like -- exactly -- merit, since that was right.

which is the picture put in whether it will stick on the Helmet for Tandems, and a trial -- only now, an impression changes considerably and it is fresh, since the color of
(although it is winter when writing w)

Motorcycle which is [ summer /
] is a White, It is fresh with this Sticker of a White + Blue! Although
was also thought, It is fairly good even if it hits against the Helmet of a Gun meta. -- The Parenthesis of the Helmet of

Graphic model is also good, and although it is attractive, it is also good to play a Decal and a Sticker with the Helmet of a Solid color.

There is only 55W and it is quite bright. When it illuminates together with HID of
35W, it is about [ meaningless ]. As for
> wiring, the fixing position of the die-length (it remains)

free Valve of a margin is shifted. The arrow head which specifies a top has not turned to right above.

HID is the highest after all... since it had ridden on KSR till these days [
] ... excessive -- brightness touch ます. the
foundations -- Since I ride on a Motorcycle at early morning or midnight ... if a light is not bright, it is dangerous. but -- since HID is used -- a car -- avoiding -- my existence -- since it gives that it is sudden, it can ride on a Motorcycle in comfort. Also considering
safe side It is recommended!

Although the 6000k color was used by HID of 35W, it changed into the product here that it is very hard to be visible by rain operation.
Although it was attachment, since generation of heat was also greatly uncanny, the ballast was afflicted by the fitting place.
However, if the light is made to switch on, I will think that it is upward dazzlingly to about [ intense ].