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Installation is easy, but it is better to match once before book installation.

The adhesive strength of the Double-sided Tape at the tip part is slightly weak, and it becomes a feeling of a little floating immediately after installation.

At the same time we also added Tank Cover, but after unlocking Tank Cover, I pasted it while checking opening and closing.

Mounting is easy.
Just changing MeterTrim thinks that very good quality may come out.

Large strange only to peel off the Double-sided Tape Vinyl.

I've only received 1 piece. The description stated a set of 5 pieces. Can get contact to me oto settle this matter? Thanks.

As a result of inquiries,
An answer to the photo shape of Carbon Style,
However, the product that arrived, the shape of the frosted black is totally different, as expected Made in Taiwan goods!
It is useless as it is
Examining it in Taiwanese, there is notation marked with knight Small shield
Material : Carbon's STD Shape thing
I wanted you but crying

It was difficult to understand from product photographs, but it was a type that was covered on Tank Cover of NORMAL. I think that the finished condition is quite good as it is in the picture. Although it is not described in the product description, it was finish of twill weave twill. Although I was worried about accuracy with China Manufacturer, it seems that there is no problem for the time being.
Since the manual is not included, the installation has trial-and-error just for a moment. First remove the two Bolt that fix NORMAL's Front Tank Cover. Next, NORMAL's front end of the Tank side cover (Body color Parts and Black Air duct style Cover) We will create a gap to fit the front end of our Parts with floating insertion to Rubber Bush. Basically this is Tank side cover - It is safe to remove Air duct style Cover. Also on the Reverse side of Parts there is a Double-sided Tape so fix this as well.
If you give an interest point, for example, it is thin compared to the Carbon parts of SSK company and requires careful handling [In fact, in my case, Small cracking occurred at the time of installation), Double-sided There is a feeling that Tape cut and pasted appropriately appropriately and it is obviously Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Doing irregularities, when looking at the light from the Reverse side in a brand new condition, light leaks in some places (BlackColor painted from Reverse side) Is it a point?. Carbon parts are also said to be vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation and durability is also a concern, but I would like to report this again as well.

In photograph vehicles, Material for DIMOTIVE Tank cap : Carbon StyleSeal is also wearing.

Since attached color is short
It would be fine if you could be satisfied with wearing without thinking anything
Normally think
I think that it will be damaged when tightened
I gave up on wearing

I did not make it a Fender Eliminator, but I installed it because I did not want to spill water on CellMotor.
For installation, it interfered slightly with the resonator box, but it was able to be installed as it was.
Since some of Right Side interferes with the car body during traveling, I am wondering whether or not to cut off.

CYGNUS X 4 Taiwan used for Normal swing arm.
To correspond to thick Tire, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It seems that it spreads out, the fixed part with the Screw hole is much wider than the mounting position of the car body.
I tried installing it, but it interfered with the Air Cleaner BOX and the sharp center part was greatly deformed from the center of Tire and it was deformed.
On the Reverse side of this Parts, model numbers 1 to 3 were written, but it did not match my CYGNUS at all.