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Although it is easy to do, there is an installation explanation in the illustration so it is easy to work, but in the part introduction photograph it was Screw using the usual Spanner and Wrench while the hexagon socket Screw was posted but for the moment I was puzzled, handheld hexagon hole Screw and attached Even if we compare it, it was easier to work with my tool with Hexagonal Wrench.

z1000ABS (2017) It is attached to.
Making is very solid. However, on the Clutch side, Lever rattles up and down. Because rattling is a bit, I do not mind while driving..
If it seems to be anxious if thinner circle Washer chews backlash will it end.

Early delivery, beautiful Lever with Luster, I am very happy.
Because exchange is also easy, I would like to recommend to those who want to slightly change the impression of a car or Lever is far away.
Thank you, U-Kanaya.

Installation is exactly the same as OEM's
I wonder if the gap between the mounting part on the Clutch side is a little Large?
I got a little bit in a half-claque in a traffic jam but I was not tired so much
The color is also Beauty, it is also good for Dress-up
Brake side Adjuster is in front of you and OEM is banging with you
Clutch 2. Is it about 3 in the same OEM?

Texture - Even with installation it was Large satisfied, but shape (It is horned) Because of that, there is a sense of incompatibility when operating Clutch.
I think whether to chamfer the corner, but I think I will try using it until I get used to it.

In the Bar End, you can select colors in the Body and Cap parts, respectively, and you can choose Color according to the car body and Concept. I am happy that the choices are abundant, too.

Because Body weight is moderate, resonance etc.. Although it may be affected,
In my case of Motorcycle there was no effect.
I think whether Dress-up will be Main rather than vibration improvement objective.

Installation Screw is a hexagon hole, it's also Point high!
It is miserable when it is a Plus screw, but Torque is well hung, it is easy to remove.

If used in conjunction with Lever made by the same UK Kanaya, naturally Parenthesis Coordinates well!

If you look for Bar End on On road motorcycle, it is worth considering (^^)

Attached to NS-1.

The installation of U-KANAYA is the second one with this, but I think that accuracy, design, and functionality are very first-class items. Of course it can be attached.
The Adjuster team was renewed several years ago, making it easier to adjust Lever.
Outside the company as Lever is not cheap, but it is worth it.
Color chose Titanium, but the astringent tone that is not brighter than Silver is smart.

It is attached to NS - 1, Length is same as OEMLever etc etc. Short Type is recommended.
Bridging Ping at Breaking became easier than OEM.

Because fingers are short, it is necessary to open it properly as StandardLever
Left hand was tired soon, but it was very easy to exchange for this Lever.

Lever's exchange method can be found as soon as you search on Movie Site
I was able to install without troubling in particular.

As a price it is somewhat expensive, there are other inexpensive products
I am convinced that Manufacturer's products can be relieved because they are parts related to safety.

Installation is also difficult because it is not so easy, precision is no problem, variable type is very convenient. The tone was exactly fine, there was a sense of quality also looks, perfectly liked by myself.