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MotionPro menyediakan kabel, peralatan, dan perlengkapan kemudi berkualitas tinggi untuk motor, ATV, snowmobile, dan watercraft. Kabel dan peralatan MotionPro tidak hanya direkomendasikan bagi para profesional, namun juga pemula.

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Quality is expected from a Motionpro product. Fits 1/4 inch sockets at 2 ends. Bring your own sockets and cups.

-Идеально подошел к моей корзине сцепления на R6 2007. -пользоваться легко. -Инструмент МР внешне приятен и удобен -Ideal to my clutch basket on the R6 2007.   - easy to use.   - The tool MP is externally pleasant and convenient(translated by Google Translator)

Attach to FCR Carburetor Body equipped vehicle with CB 750F. Purchase because there is no outlet for synchronization. After purchasing a Vacuum gauge it is possible to tune at any time! I think that the person who will be serviced by himself is good.

These are good quality bits if you are looking for JIS type bits. These fit in Japanese type screws much better than normal philips screwdrivers. The JIS type doesn't "cam" out like philips screwdrivers do. Because they are bits it means that you can put them in a socket driver or torque wrench so you can apply correct torque or remove stubborn screws that normally wont budge with a normal screwdriver. See the difference in bit sizes between #2 and #3. The #3 is really quite big and the #2 is quite small. There is a bigger difference than say in a set of Hozan JIS type screwdrivers so this will be a good addition to your toolkit (the #3 is bigger than a Hozan #3).

In earlier Pula and Rimba, the hanging was sweet, if you hit it with Slotted screwdriver, StemPipe was scarred and it was hard to remove OuterRace, but in this product it is easy to remove it And worry about scratching StemPipe is gone.

Because Front does not drop air pressure so much, I did not attach Rim lock, but if I run Off, I thought that I had to move a bit to some degree even with an unexpected Puncture, so I decided to install it.

I thought about making it of the traditional Gold genus, but with the combination of Rim lock + Spacer + High Nut, I did it because the price did not change with this product.

Even looking at other reviews is an incredible Large crime.

Although it is an attachment, it is nothing different from the one of Gold genus, but protect the final Nut tightening Torque!

13. Let's abide by 5 Nm.

I used Torque wrench after tightening to a certain extent, but 13. It turned quite well up to 5 Nm.

Immediately after installation, make sure that the bead is going upright, leave air over a little overnight and leave it overnight.

On the next day, I put on a proper air pressure and got on a high speed, but I did not feel blur almost.

Life is likely to be shorter than that of Gold Genus, but you do not have to purchase various things, and it's lighter than anything!

Spacer 's R was slightly different from Rim, but since a certain Manufacturer' s thing will be the same thing, is there a difference in the Large difference?

I thought that overall it was a good product.

This review is for the Motion Pro Six Inch Magnetic Parts dish. It arrived in high quality MotionPro authentic packaging and in excellent condition. For those that don’t know, Motion Pro is a maker of high quality motorcycle tools and parts, which definitely shows on this item. I used the item successfully today to hold some screws and bolts as I added a new gas cap to my motorcycle.

The price is a little expensive, but I think that it is worth the price.

Material : Body part of Plastic has a considerable stiffness feeling, inexpensive Rim lock made of Gold genus / It keeps the bead firmly than the Bead stopper.

Weight is definitely light, but I do not know if it makes it faster (lol

Washer and Nut are easy to use with good workability.