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Moto Gear

Motor Gear telah memproduksi knalpot OEM berkualitas tinggi selama puluhan tahun. Semua produk Motor Gear, termasuk knalpot titaniumnya yang dikenal memiliki performa tinggi dan tampilan cantik, dibuat di Jepang dengan ketelitian tinggi.

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Ulasan Produk Moto Gear

The grilled color is very beautiful and is good feeling Volume is too noisy after After Fire
I do not have Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence so I need to replace it, but I think I can do it in about 2 hours if I get used to it
I could attach it to Smooth without interference between ActiveSub-frame I was interested in and Pipe 4.

Fitted my Australian model no problem. Good quality rear set. Comes with bracket to be able to use the standard rear brake light switch. Instruction in japanese but has plenty of pictures :-)

First of all, I was impressed many times more beautifully than I looked at the image. I removed Baffle and use it, but the sound has improved a lot better than before and the power has also increased. I really think Titanium's baked color is beautiful and it's cool so I think that there is no loss by buying it.

It is the picture attached to the normal handle of XR230.
It cannot attach, although the bar pad was also purchased.
He repented [ that what was necessary was just to have purchased LONG on a one size, and ].
This place is sold off by Yahoo! Auctions, and is newly Mr. Webike, and is due to purchase LONG.
When it measures, I would like to see it exactly to the place of LONG whose MINI size is newer than the standard on it, although the bar pad purchased the MINI size of ZETA.

CB 1300SB I purchased it for 2018 MODEL purchase.
Since the actual car came to hand, I could not install horizontally by interfering with the bottom of Clich's Oil tank and Brake's Oil tank when I tried to install.
I could not check if I could install it by MODEL until 17 years, but it was Large failure.
If you do not mind even if it is not horizontal please.

For KSR 110 [Mini HIGH] There is a publicity of saying [Mini LOW] choose.
You can upgrade the texture without breaking Normal style.

It took about a month to deliver the goods, but the making of the product is very satisfied well. I was able to install it to Smooth without problems. Z1000, 17th year passed.

The grill color is beautiful more than I thought it is still Titanium, so it sounds lighter and I am satisfied. It is a bit disappointing that Chatter sounds when you run with Silencer.