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Moto Salgo

Moto Salgo mengembangkan dan menyediakan as roda dan as kaliper untuk motor motard seperti D-Tracker, XR250 dan DR-Z400SM. Selain motor-motor tersebut, Moto Salgo juga menjual sparepart unik untuk CT110.

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NORMAL's Rear sprocket is 45T, but I knew how this is not right.

Paved road (Straight to say gravel road - It is a fairy tale), you can leave it as NORMAL, but when you ride in modern society it is almost Just fit to change this 42T GEAR ratio by almost 100% on Asphalt's paved road..
As it is NORMAL, the first race to be blown up quickly will also be able to pull until the calm speed is reached and leave room for Shift change after that. Although it is only a few meters difference, it is very easy to get on.
Even when repeating Stop & go with traffic jam or signal Right fold Lane, it is easy to stay at almost the first speed.
If it is NORMAL, the 1st and 2nd gears will immediately blow out and the Engine sound will have to use a lot of Ursay rotation, but if you switch to this, you can ride quite quite well.
It is also a matter of becoming a Seal chain. It has already become 102Piece for 42T and Chain Tool is not necessary.
As a precaution, as described in the Instruction Manual, if you do not install the Joint link in a normal way and inside out, the PIN of LINK will come into contact inside the Case on the Front side. (Wai has done it) And before that Chain lube is coated with Dry type. Please be careful. That's why White is sticky since purchase.

We are expecting that fuel cost will also be increased along with high gearing.

Since it was set as exclusive for the car model from the beginning, Chie's Piece number is also Exactly, AluminumSprocket will also reduce load under Spring by AluminumSprocket.
It's easy to be a Clip expression than anything else.