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Moto-Viper merupakan distributor aksesoris motor di Jepang yang menyediakan jaket, sarung tangan, sepatu boots dan aksesoris berkendara lainnya dengan harga terjangkau.

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At first it was hard and wearing was bad, but it got soft as it wears and started to fit to the feet. Though it seems cheap to look at it is pricey, Bolt of the heel will attach Wound to footpeg, so you can not recommend those who do not want to turn on Wound.

Gloves still using it since training time.
The Rubber who is about the palm of the hand easily falls off.
There is also a thing called Leather, if you wear straight Gloves your hand will turn black - - -
It may be better to use it after washing it once.

Plastic absorbed shocks when falling down. (Now it is a big part of Large)
I think that we can use it except in winter.

I hesitated to buy gloves over the Internet because I have smaller hands than the male average size. I always tried on some at mass merchants first, and then chose one.
I wanted reasonable gloves that had such design as this product, so I tried Internet shopping this time.
My hand size is 18cm long and 23cm around the fist. I ordered M size. I got relieved that it was just right size for me.
The price is reasonable for a product with genuine carbon knuckle guards. Regarding "I have a pain on the back of the knuckle and an unpleasant feeling", which I often see, the brand considers such a feeling well; I haven't experienced it at all. Protections except for the wrist could surpass famous brand gloves.(this product is for summer) I haven't seen the durability yet, but, I realized the comfort on a recent long tour. So, I gave five stars with much satisfaction.