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MOTOBLUEZ merupakan produsen khusus motor cruiser dan Harley-Davidson. MOTOBLUEZ memproduksi jaket kulit, celana kulit, helm, sarung tangan dan saddlebag original yang cocok untuk para rider motor cruiser dan Harley-Davidson.

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Ulasan Produk Motobluez

Apparently I'm Appeal for Rider, but the rise is shallow and it will not be a talk.
Even though the quality is good I feel that it was made by humans who did not get on Motorcycle after all.
The circumference of the knee is also cramped, the jade ball is cramped with shallow rise, and I can not use something for Motorcycle.
I do not think it is cheap or I will never buy it again.

I've always loved Napa Gloves for a long time, but as expected
Midwinter wears Inner Gloves and outperforms the cold
This item is Napa Gloves Thinsulate 40g
100 g and 2. It is 5 times the volume and Waterproof function
We are expecting to buy it as having been added
I used it at an air temperature of 3 degrees for about 1 hour, but my fingertips also hurt
I am sorry.. Functional aspects are perfect!
Gloves Although the bad place of sewing is slightly conspicuous,
It is a product that seems to be good to purchase.
If you say a lineup Color : Yellow color
I want you to add.
With this quality at this price, COSPA
It can be asserted as a high product!

Remarks : This time Trouble occurred, but webike
I'm relieved for your prompt and courteous response.

This time we purchased Team vest to produce the best. While consulting with the bosom, I will consider it at the 10,000 yen level
I tried to purchase this product.
The best Body has a firm thickness and there is no problem with sewing.
I think that Concho and Attachment are not Levels you care about.
Lining is not attached, leather is exposed.
A gold piece that holds the front and a knitted Leather Strap, this part is a part that feels perfect for the price.
On the whole it is reasonable for price and I think that there is no problem and if you need it you can also add a hand.
It is Recommendation for those who simply wear one for the time being.

It is currently in July so I do not know the cold weather, but I use it as a heat countermeasure of Exhaust System using Right Side.
Even if you take a walk while you are driving or going down Motorcycle you will not get down on Gap so far.
Knee is a little hard to bend, but it is not enough to remove it one by one.

I bought it for taking a commuter Scooter.
I wanted a Type that sits the entire calf. Previously, I used Type only before there is no back, so I am satisfied with this chap without satisfaction. Coolness of appearance
It is a cold countermeasure patch

[Webike Monitor]
L Size was purchased. For oneself, it was small. My index finger is about 8.5 cm by reference. I think that the softness of
leather is good.
That I purchased differs in sewing up of right and left, and when attached, it is uncomfortable.
Although it was not certain whether it attached again at the time of packing and whether it was at the work time, the place where the Tag was attached had split. Are there many
> matters of hit-and-miss --

[a Webike Monitor] -- the
color was also touched, and the feeling also came out perfectly and carried out! the part which is alike at the place of the
wrist and does not have an excessive stop implement -- I think that it may be easy-to-use.

Since it has not embezzled yet, durability is not known, but it is firmly made from the touch
> -- that which a Cost performance says above all is great!! since it is somewhat greatly [ slightly ] made of a

USA Size --
-- the way which purchased the somewhat small Size may say.

Since it was tall, I worried about L or XL, but L Size was enough.

There is thickness of cloth and there is a high grade feeling.
Decoration of a Front part is also tasteful and GOOD again.
We can recommend you.