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MotoCrazy menawarkan sparepart untuk motor premium Italia seperti DUCATI dan MV AGUSTA. Rearset kit dan bodywork berbahan carbon dari MotoCrazy akan membuat motor Anda layaknya motor balap sungguhan.

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It does not mean that the performance improves, there is not a Dress-up effect
No need to worry about it without it ? ? ? But if there is something that is a little useful Items.

The front of Side Stand is just a bit out behind the footpeg
I thought that it was hard to put out from before, but thanks to this product
A little Stress when stopping is gone.

For installation on SuperSport S you have to reverse Screw and Nut
Something's Parts (QShifter?) Since it interfered with it, caution is required when installing.
Also, confirmation of the mounting position is necessary to be done with the Side Stand raised
Because there is no Center Stand or Maintenance Stand, it is a little Large strange.

After installation, I have only gone 1 to 2 times yet
I confirmed Screw and Nut I was able to confirm looseness.
I plan to regularly check loosening, but if you feel relaxed
We are planning to consider using anti-loosening agents.

OEM's Rubber footpeg
I do not dislike it
Rather, I like it
It is more oblique than the image of yourself
In my opinion, Knee grip is hard to do
By changing the footpeg, if it gets in a favorite ride attitude and it is easy to ride
And purchase
Items remain in their OEM position
There are three moving ranges of 15 mm and 21 mm
It is also a very satisfactory product because it has a good texture, hesitates to stretch, so you can set it to your favorite Position

Previously I was wearing an external footpeg, but GizaGiza (sweat) Because it was small and slippery, it was replaced. This footpeg does not slide at all in Boots, and as a result long-distance Touring makes feet easier.

Many of Ducati's custom parts are expensive, but this product is standard made and Cost performance is high.
Of course, the protection performance is enough.

It is the same as Smartphone screen protection Seat.
There is only Exclusive Design and the shape is well-organized.
Since it is slightly smaller than the Meter screen, attention is required for positioning, but transparency is also high.
Although it was easy to paste, I felt it was a bit expensive.

Since it is exclusive for car models, the shape is Exactly, although gaps can be made slightly around, protection of the smartphone and the same etc. I am satisfied because it's Size feeling.
Slightly scratches on Meter surface and polished until it became inconspicuous in Compound, it became a cloudy feeling only for that part, but because it is a non-glossy type, that part became inconspicuous after pasting.
I made it a MeterSingle Body and I got a water bottle so I could stick it neatly without entering it, but I think that it is difficult to leave it on the vehicle. Since the protective Seat to be peeled off at the end is unexpectedly powerful, Body is also hung over when peeling off. Attention is necessary when peeling Protection Seat.
In terms of CostPuff performance, the quantity sold for exclusive use in cars is also different, so it is hard to be as good as a smartphone, but you can not deny a little high sense!

LED Lamp on the Fender Eliminator Kit was very poor so I purchased this additionally.
There is no hard work because the installation is only co-tightening with the License Plate and processing of the LEAD line.

Since it is absolutely outdoor work, it stretched when there was no wind that rained, but after all pride also entered.
It is good because it is not translated at Level which I do not know if I do not see it well.
I thought it would be nice if there was a bit more to Small because it was nearly 2 mm overall.
After all I pasted it about 10 times but it did not get dirty.