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MOTOFIELD menyediakan berbagai riding gear dengan desain simple yang cocok untuk dikenakan sehari-hari, MOTOFIELD juga memproduksi riding gear berbahan kulit asli berkualitas tinggi dengan harga yang terjangkau.

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I tried using cold weather alone with cold weather Jeans. Even though I run in Motorcycle in the middle of winter, my lower body is warm. The cold weather performance is not bad. What's disappointing is that BikerWallet is hard to retrieve and Toilet is troublesome because there is no Zipper. I do not have a Pocket.
Is it a finished product?. However, since the fabric is thick, it seems that it has durability.

I used it for XL 883L.

I do not notice Rear very much, but it is discovered that it is cut off by a friend 's warning!

Even if it examines variously, Type of this hand is made special and it becomes OEM Product.

Well OEM I think that it is no mistake.

I am still steadily lit.

As I had not known before, I thought it was necessary to check regularly.

Various sites, magazines etc. I was worried whether to make it cheap ones
I wanted to ride for a long time with confidence, so I chose OEM Product.
There is no trouble for now, but the sense of security of OEM is absolutely Large.
I think that tightening is somewhat strengthened by hand tightening.
We are considering purchasing for Stock.
It is saved very quickly, always from contact to shipping.

According to the color of Motorcycle, I am looking for Red Mesh Gloves and I selected from the past Moto fizz.
Aggressive red color, cool but thick.
Moreover, the Protector part of the back of the hand is firm and satisfied.

Recently it is attached to OEM. There is a similar thing in the Other Company Product, but is it here that it closes automatically?

As a disadvantage, it is not suitable for Harley equipped with Tank with small capacity. It is inconvenient because you have to open it using Key every time.

I purchased it because the thing which used before was torn..

Leather seems to be thin at first glance, Goat skin is firm, soft and does not have much elongation.

The valley of the finger extended in the fabric, so it was a little Small Shark, but there is no movement difficulty.

Co - Scan - I am satisfied with the highest pa.

White Cloisonne shines in Black Tank. Cap of ContrastCut of RSD and PM is also good, but these calm things are also good!

Installation is Double-sided Tape. When it does not fit Cap's Earle, it seems to adjust the thickness with the attached Double-sided Tape.

I bought it because it is an inexpensive OEM product. However "HARLEY-DAVIDSON OEM Parts" There is a description of the product "Genuine" There is not anywhere in the place, instead "Replace OEM" Is there a notation and is it really an OEM Product. Also, although I write it as Rev TEC "Revthec" There was no notation of.

Notation is problematic, but the product itself can be well done in a box "Genuine" It is slightly inferior to the texture of the OEM Product with the notation but it is within the acceptable range. It became better Accent by having exchanged from Black to Chrome without problems with installation. It is white that the appearance will change with Oil exchange. The price was also cheap and it was good to purchase as a result.