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Ulasan Produk MotoGP APPAREL

I certainly received the order I ordered. Thank you very much Now I'm allowed to use Large as a mobile phone's Strap. I really liked it.. Satisfaction is full.

I ordered and received the goods.
Thank you.
Large let me use it off.
Postpay procedures How can I do?

I tried to attach the Moto GPWrist band! Maybe they are going to make me feel like running fast! (^ ^)
But I'm sorry I can not see it when I am on a ride.

I didn't expect this quality since nowadays there are so many cheap buffs or bandana from China and quality varies greatly. Surprisingly this is one of the better ones. The fabric is soft, smooth, the print quality is clear and sharp. It feels good on your neck. Happy that the quality is up there and doesn't tarnish MOTOGP name.

The arrival time is "stock ? For inquiries on the delivery date "
As I can place an order I have a reply so I order it
In shortage due to haste ? Since the delivery date is unknown, a reply came when I did Cancellation

Missing item ? I understand that the delivery date is undecided and the product page remains intact
Is it still amusing that you can order now?
I think it is negligent to leave a product page that can not be purchased forever

If you wait for two months after placing an order, it will be on the verge of delivery "Out of print" It became
E-mail came, if it is overseas product so far it will give up if it can not be helped
Delivery date 2 later ? It was uneasy because I was able to order in 3 days
After inquiring "I can not place an order" And a reply came
Product schedule was also unknown for delivery
Even if it is an overseas product, product management is not done yet!
I think that overseas products do not count on Wye Big and that individual imports can surely be purchased.

Point ordered by digestion but unwillingness to do a commodity after a few days by a one-sided Cancellation contact.

I thought that it was useless by common things, but the same item as it is.

How do you manage? If management of the sales site can not be done well please stop.

Because it is Honda party, CRM 250AR (Full size off-road motorcycle) I tried to put it on, but it's too small to be conspicuous.
Let's paste it on a smartphone.