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Where I'm expecting :
1. Prevent scratches on DummyTank and change appearance (Fuel Tank is under Seat for F800R)

Nice thing :
1. It is very Cool in the car design specific design. F800R became gorgeous.

2. Surface treatment also feels beauty with Beauty.

bad place :
1. Before pasting, it is necessary to sufficiently consider the pasting place.
As Design is very good, matching is not difficult, but a little mistake will become anxious.

2. It will take 24 hours to complete fixation. I want to do it on the sunny day the next day.

Originally the ground plane of Tank of Ninja 1000 was bigger than other Motorcycle, and in Universal's Pad Cover could not be brilliant.
Because of that, Tank was scratched, so I decided to purchase this.
There are only Ninja1000 exclusive items and the ground plane with Tank and the rider is almost Cover.
Thanks to hanging off and lowering his upper body, it will not hurt Tank.
Seat of the base was easy to paste thanks to PePePera.
Design is also good, you do not like flashy, quality is good, I like it.

I came upon finding something that matches the limited color Anniversary Colol. I am familiar with Body color to feel nice and I am very satisfied (^ ^ ♪

Since it contains a name, it seems to be OEM Product, and the texture is not bad.
I think that it is an essential item for the forward lean Motorcycle.
Since it is just installed, performance evaluation is avoided but installation is easy.

Prevent Wound to Tank & Purchase for Custom.
Design is pretty Parenthesis good, but I wonder if the price is a bit expensive...
Tank Pad In general it is possible to say cleanly but Large strange, some amateur because Gap is amateur (Lol)

Since we have plenty of color variations and can choose according to the car body, we decided on this product.
There is no problem in terms of functioning.
However, it is appreciated if the price is a bit cheaper

I started riding in winter
It may be a bit difficult to stick in cold weather
I could stick it safely, but
Because it is connected in the middle
Although it is very good as a protective effect, there was some difficulty sticking
, But it is very pleasing to have a special item for our child who is not that much MAJOR

BMW's Blue (LupinBlue) It is slightly different in color, so I think that I do not care as Accent separately
Please be careful who wants to match the color

We purchased it for the purpose of preventing Wound to Tank but because Size is small and small, it is impossible to prevent Wound around the thigh.
This was prevented because Key Holder hit Tank when opening Tank's Gasoline cap.
Design is somewhat for young people