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MOTOWN menawarkan tas Touring dengan harga terjangkau. MOTOWN juga memproduksi sarung tangan, perkakas dan bahan kimia untuk pemeliharaan dan perawatan motor.

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As it is capacity and usability is good, Belt of the waist is a little slimmer and hearty, Belt root is fixed to Body, so if you wish to use other Belt and wear it you will get in the way a bit.

Moreover, the top entrance is a double structure of Magic tape and it is uneasy whether holding power will go down if it is used for a long time. If possible, I wanted to attach fixtures similar to Snap and Front pocket which can be fixed as tightly.

It is very user-friendly Back except for the above two points.
Thanks to D Ring which has three parts in Body, I am happy to be able to install Key and hat.

Since I have trouble because I do not have anything to do when shopping at my destination, I bought it for a time called emergency rather than regular use.
Because it feels like to cover the load with stretchy Seat, there is a feeling of security without sticking out of things, the inside looks invisible and it feels good looking.
Stretch nature of Material is nothing more than my own imagination, and it seems that expansion and shrinkage is related to the Fit nature of tightening, Net will be increased to Net. Also, because I am using a thick Material, when folding and carrying it, it is unexpectedly bulky.
There are things that you do not know if you do not use it to some extent, such as durability, but there are no complaints or problems in the initial stage.

I think that the function required for Holster bags is different for each person, but I think that this product is suitable for people considering Bag considering the place to put baggage.
Small part of Main part is very easy to divide, Card holder has a little room for width, so it is possible to insert several cards in a stack.
I think that Carabiner and fixed Belt positionally for Right foot attachment, but the Main part is WFastener and Left feet does not seem to have any problem. I wear a hat on Carabiner so I will flow backward so I'd rather do that.
Prices are also much cheaper compared to other manufacturer Holster, so we recommend purchasing if you get lost!

Because it's easy to use Quantity : 2pc. It is a set eye.. Previously I was using the Net type but after using this product, I can not use any other.
The elongation is exquisite and you can return the souvenir purchased at the Touring destination to Large things.
Quantity : 2pc. Set I bought it for Present to my son.
It seems that aged deterioration is also small. However, the price is a bit irritating.

I am using RedStitch thing of Mark different.
I think that the usability of Bag itself is not bad, but Belt which stops thighs will soon be loose.

If you decide Length, sew it so that it does not loosen from Soko, or if you stop it by something, it will be better usability?
Next time I adjust, Belt (The remainder part) Attaching Magic tape and planning to process it without Gap - - -

It seems that it is easy to install, remove and replace with Magnet, but it seems to be true, but when you try it, it is an enemy.
The biggest problem is Magnet, so dust and sand bit me in between, and conversely put Wound on Tank.

Since the riding motorcycle is Yamaha YZF-R25, there is almost no loading property and I always use Waist Bag, but I do not want to use the Waist Bag, but I would like to carry a road station StampRALLY 50 Book - - - I bought it for a while.
Key and others are included in the outermost Pocket, and if you open the Flap part of the Large type with Buckle, you can afford the Large-grade smartphone with a margin. The innermost Pocket will include the Touring mapple and the Tohoku Road Station StampRALLY 50 Book (2 books are impossible at the same time).
One star is one because the thing does not enter too much in Main storage part.
It is a Bag that can be recommended for choi riding.

Anyway, I'm Small.
I am doing it as a wiping performance, but CROSS is too small.
It is also written in Impre of others, but I do not need two, so I would like you to make Large of CROSS Large.