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Although it was an object for DAX50, it attached to JAZZ.

Since care and cleaning of a chain will become easy if there is this, it is a recommend.

c50 6v I used it for late CDI.
CylinderHeight63. 4?Metal gasketSpec. At 12v for
Piston but compression ratio 11. 4 : I think that about 1 could be secured.
Although it is an Engine of LLCrank which is hard to upgrade, selling good things at a low price
Manufacturer who gives down is not about minimoto.

I bought it to convert the old 4 L MONKEY to 12 V. Since the size of the light bulb is also various, I think that it is Large strange to convert the original bulb to 12 V anyway regardless of the original 6V.
I do not want to bother doing such hardships. I do not investigate in detail, but I think that the amount of gold is not high.
Anyone familiar with light bulbs is buying anyhow.

The build quality is very solid and good. Fixing it to the headlight is easy and simple. If I have to really make a fuss, it would be on the joint of the metals which could have been simply sanded down to make for rounded edges. Other than that, its a wonderful product. Makes the headlight look rugged and the retro feel. Especially suitable for the cafe racer look

It may be a matter of how to install, but the needle is rampant and can not be read correctly.
I am giving up because I can know the approximate number of revolutions.

The accuracy is the worst.. Since the hub does not become the center of Wheel, turning Wheel up and down about 1 cm.
In addition, Rim is also.
Try running and 80 km / Vibration comes out from about h.

I replaced it with GCraft.

It is strong enough if it is a moped such as NS-1.
I tried raising and lowering while straddling the Motorcycle, but it was possible without problems.
However, Chinese Buggy was a bit short of width, so we could not use it because Tire protruded slightly.

Sorry to have a bit of BALI in part.
Since there is a little weight, it is a dangerous category of products to pinch your hands.

I think that it is sufficient quality if it is for Motorcycle.