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MSR menyediakan riding gear khusus motocross mulai dari sarung tangan, jersey, dan celana riding yang dapat disesuaikan dengan gaya riding dan corak motor Anda. Tentu saja dengan model yang unik MSR juga tidak melupakan kualitas riding gear yang terbaik.

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Design is good.
Linear Layout matching Machine of Full cowl.
I think that I was glad I bought it.

Although it seems to be overhanging if it is a photograph, in fact it is not even such a thing.
It is not a level that hinders running. (Pictures 1 and 2)

The function is also good feeling.
Anyway it is light.
250 is low in horsepower, so if you attach a heavy Top case etc, the running balance will change
This Soft case is Level which does not change.

Inside there is WaterproofSeat (Photo 3) So I have to keep running running all the while
It is judged that there is enough Waterproof performance.
Fastener's place also made Rubber dough to hide Fastener well
Light rain will prevent entry.

As Key arrives, you can lock it to Bracket.
When you leave the car body at Touring destination etc. etc. Somewhat relieved.

I feel that mounting on Bracket is a little hard.
I think it's better than rattling at high speed with play, but I need a little strength.
Here is MinusPoint (?) maybe

For those who are considering buying from now on, I will write the Size we measured.
thickness (Depth) 21cm
Length (Front and back) 44cm
height 25cm
Since Bracket's Clearance is 2 cm, it projects 23 cm at Total from Body.

As a comparison, I will also write the OEMPannier 's Largeness of the 400 R. (Photo 4)
thickness (Depth) 27cm
Length (Front and back) 50cm
height 32cm

Although there is no Waterproof property and loadability as OEMPannier,
Since 250 does not have Pannier setting in the first place, it is a good Items for loading Up.

Soft case launched for introduction

What is good, design is better than other Manufacturer's Bracket
Even in the situation without Case, there is no sense of incongruity in Large.
Just as C-BOW, the bow-shaped Bracket seems to be Ideas's victory
If it is an aircraft among the main part of Black, you have to wear carefully while driving
It will not be noticed.

It is a situation attached to CBR 250R.
Clearance of car body is 2 cm, Right and Left are almost etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. If there is no Case in the interval
It does not extend beyond Blinker.

I am glad that it is a little cheaper, but it will be troubled if you feel uncomfortable or bad
Is it reasonable price?.

Inner is a Waterproof fabric and it can be tightly sealed in the rain, even on rainy days it looks without Rain Cover appearance SMART. It is a good item.. However, since Bracket (sold separately) is processing each car model to Universal Product, Matching with the car body is now more specific, specifically speaking, the Back mounted and the body's Space are Large and Parenthesis is bad and the width is also bad It is disappointing because it is wide. Because the function is the highest Level, when considering the price, I want you to make the Bracket a bit more fancy.

Buy at the same time as Soft bag to go to Touring for staying. It is good that the appearance is not too large, and even if you do not have Bag, it does not feel uncomfortable.
Installation is easy with Tandem Footpeg, but KIJIMA 's Helmet lock already attached was removed and removed.
When I removed Bolt under Seat and stopped Bracket with the included Bolt nut, my fingers did not enter and I had a hard time.
Before fixing Bag's Hanger, all the Screws should be tied up and it will be difficult to align them.
The installation state is very solid.

Purchase Sissy bar & Mirror RackSet for REBEL. Below, the problem point.

1, the mountain of the Screw cut portion of Sissy bar is crushed and Bolt is not closed.
2, welding of Sissy bar is sloppy and it is a mountainous mountain and Mirror Rack can not be combined.
~ Anxious points ~
3. When installing on the car body "Did you measure?" I feel that each Bolt is under impossible force.

Although I tried to return it but returned goods are also troublesome so I forcibly attached it. Each work below.
1, I thought that only the beginning was crushed, so I pushed through forcibly using electric drill.
2, shaved with GoldFile.
3, Wait a minute.

I think Style is nice.. However, since the rack is small, I will think about how to put the Homsen box.

Purchase to go to Touring by stay and purchase, there is enough storage capacity for Design that is not too big.
When installing Bag to C-BOW, Rear Carrier of KIJIMA which was attached earlier is a little disturbing but it attaches without problems. However, since the key to lock the Bag is the Rear Carrier of KIJIMA, it interfered and it did not enter, so I cut all the resin of the handle part of the key and processed it using Small..
I think that it is better to attach HepcoAnd Becker's Rear Carrier to those who are troublesome to process.

Purchased according to Kawasaki ZX-6R now. Use it in such a way that the hardware of the lock part is removed from the seat and shared. The lock nut fixed to the seat did not come off and the screw part of the seat was damaged.. The attached screw and the spacer are attached, so the gap between the body and the car body needs to be packed with packing etc. greatly. (There is a danger of rain being applied to the electric system inside. Since the breakage of the rear seat was part of the screw, remove the cover and cut the sponge part flatly and attached each seat. I purchased the sheet additionally so I got high.. Although the hardware on the back side of the rack is attached but there is no front side. I think that genuine parts were not only hardware, so it is expensive. I bought it even at the time of the CBR 600 RR of the previous car, but the gap was large, but I bought a packing at the home center and responded. There were all the mounting hardware. So I remember that the price was cheaper than this one.

Originally Xdiavel did not have any other options, so I bought it. Bag chose STREETNeo. In order to go to Hokkaido Touring, we had to deposit Motorcycle 3 weeks ago, delivery could not be made in time, only Motorcycle landed first to Hokkaido, we delivered this Holder and Bag to the accommodation, and installed it locally. Installation can be done in 30 minutes with only tools. The Instruction Manual was in German but it was possible without problems. It was full of luggage for 5 nights and 6 days with both Side bag and OEM's Rear bag. It was raining for two days but the contents could not get wet so Waterproof performance was good.