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Buy when purchasing Rear Sets, install this item. It worked normally at the time of installation, but the problem was that Stop-lamp stays on for about a week.

I chose this because it was the same shape as the OEM. Material is cheap for the price. Because the Valve mounting position is not Center, the light intensity was in short supply. I fixed the position of Valve to Center and installed it.
Because there is no Rubber packing in Lens, water is likely to come in.. I bought and packed separately. There was not in the item description.

We incorporated it into Rear brake of NSR 50. There is no adjustment mechanism different from Switch via normal Spring, but generally responds with expected pedaling force.

Cost and looks are satisfying!
Brake Rod of the same Manufacturer was Straight and interfered with suspension etc.
You need to buy things longer than the required length and bend at the actual spot

Swingarm's Chain Adjuster including OEM is out of DAYTONA and others because there are times when it is Gap
I recommend purchasing Chain Alignment Tool at the same time

In the case of me, there was a gap between the connection part of Frame and Swingarm and the pivot part, so we adjusted 0. Quantity 5 mm Shim : Pair (for Left and Right) I put three pieces at a time

From the time of opening, some dirt on the product etc. etc. There was, but I think that it is a good item to think about it

In assembly, the rear wheel Shaft is too long for the OEM 2. I bite a Color of about 5 cm. Also, I put a 5 mm Washer between Swingarm and Tire to match Chain's Line.

I'm happy to be honest a little lighter. Even if we have both, we feel that weight is not much different from OEM's Swingarm.

After a while, the Spot welded part was removed, reinforced with Rivet, but I would like you to make it a bit more durable.

Very good quality product! Headlight's plastic and chrome ring shine well. Neutral lamp and light bulb comes with headlight, which is good thing. Light bulb shine bright and neutral lamp seems fine. Also good thing: headlight is ready for install, because bolts and screws including product. This product looks very similar comparing to original Honda headlight pros thing.

First we took out of the box and there was a dent in the Stabilizer section due to its appearance. It is good because it is a hard to see part - - -.
There is no problem with regard to installation.