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MUDOFF menyediakan beragam aksesoris untuk motocross dan enduro. Aksesoris MUDOFF mencegah lumpur mengenai bodi motor yang membuat motor menjadi terasa berat.

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I bought it to make car wash easier with Muddy condition and to prevent weight increase. Try and use, the good point is that mud is not attached at all, compared to when we did not attach anything to Fender, the weight did not increase much and the car wash became easier. Also, I think Cost performance is very good.
The attachment was easy to stick past good Matte elongation other than good. Sometimes it was sometimes disappointing or bad that I could get Fender mat while driving. In addition, it is better to wash with a weak pressure since it becomes rash when using a high pressure washer at the time of car washing.
The hope for Manufacturer is that durability of Sponge is insufficient so we want Sponge to be strong.

When I ride on a rainy day, muddy water enters Boots so I tried purchasing it.
Product is OK, so Silver color Ultra Man Color? It makes making like disposable I feel that this price is a bit high with this quality.
Immediately on Mad Condition.... Pitching that Size does not match if you try (Tears) Zipper did not close even if it was fully open.
Size is L, but I want you to make it with more room. After all, although I tried running by wearing it forcibly, it does not make much sense. Also, even when Cover is dirty and washed, it does not fall easily and remains dirty.
It would be better if you normally wound Vinyl around Boots.
However, it may be useful for those who can use it, but I will not Repeat.

* Muddy condition not used

I will not visit even if I wait, for the time being I'm going to Impre.
In the first place, I have not been able to enter Enduro this year, but purchased for the case of emergency.
Muddy buys this Muddy Gloves on the basis of Ad Vise that gloves are good..

Although it is invisible to the appearance gloves, Material is a high-class glove hand.
Bell Black part is Rubber strap and it grows quite well.

So it will moderately fix the part of the wrist, Ideas products of the middle!

Perhaps the White island is on the palm side, grasping Grip with nothing Black.

I do not know unless it is attached with mud, but it is not bad as a thing!

Attachment is easy only by stopping by a Visor screw. At the time of the
> Muddy, it has always attached. Adhesion of mud on the
Goggleses is mitigable.

Since it is somewhat expensive, around those who have attached to a Visor the Lens of the Goggles which became old on the
Tape are also, but I think that this product of an effect is larger.

It can use for a long time, without damaging.

Although used in the Motocross, adhesion of mud is mitigable at the time of a Muddy, and it is
convenience. Penetration of the water to the
Boots is also mitigable. although he bought a Size small at first since it was an object for the children of the
> smallness 1 -- the present Boots --
-- a Size did not suit [ whether it is large and ]. When the object for

adults was purchased again, it has been used satisfactorily.

If it uses, the portion equivalent to a Frame or a Pedal will be torn easily.

It may be better for a certain grade to think as consumable goods.

Since it was worrisome from before, this product was purchased. Also making
is solid and it can equip very easily, and removal is also easy and is
and good goods. Although mud flies very much at the time of
> and a Muddy and it becomes a disagreeable feeling, since it guards firmly to
month, I become difficult to take lessons for mud from a mouth, and think that this engine performance is really good at
such a price!

It uses for CRF150. To the
> Muddy race or an Enduro, it is indispensable.
Sticking, a Fender is degreased firmly, and although it is the second purchase, if it
Sticks, it has a one Season! The Fender the object for

Dries and for Muddies was used properly, and the Mud off is stuck on

[Buying motive] At the reason as Mr. - Webike's HP, it is mud off:MUDOFF:footrest mat product number:MD58-1200. Correspondence vehicle type:general-purpose description-of-item:right-and-left set Mud bites to a step moving part at the time of the cornering in a deep track, and a fall,
It prevents that a step stops returning horizontally.
easy attachment to insert. -- it purchased.
The [feature of goods] Since the upper part of the peg is reflected with - photograph, the cover range of this product feels it narrow, but as for mud actually biting, the back side is a cover range more than double [ of the front side ] on the back side of the peg, as for this product.
[grading of goods] - although it is very good goods, since it is a little expensive, it is considered as four stars.