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There is a lot of thickness and weight, too. The box that I was in is too large as large as the size of the ordinary Bike Cover box. It seems to be sturdy to see the texture as well. Product name RainProtector is not likely to be Date. It was Exactly for Grom at SizeM.
Motorcycle maintenance manga "Castra's Volume 1" Motorcycle storage method, Bike Cover 2 covers are put on. I'm using Cover of LePera who bought it because of losing cheapness on this Cover by nuzzy. There is not use with Large rain yet, expectation to Waterproof nature is Large.

There is no problem with the Waterproof function even if it is used for 2 years, although the weight of the product is certainly heavy, on the contrary it can not be hit by a typhoon or the like, and it can be relieved.

Depending on weather conditions, condensation may occur inside the rain or depending on weather conditions, so it will happen even with things with Air vent, so I think that it will be wonderful in outdoor storage, rust is not in Care after rain, anything is exposed to rainwater Because no thing is most important.

YZF-R1 (2013) In use.

As you can see in the item description, the color of the hole through which the key can pass is divided so it is hard to make a mistake in the front and back.
This is saved to the plain. Because it makes me feel like wasting my time just by making mistakes in front and back ...

Because the One-touch belt can pass under the car body this is also high point.
And Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Since both are removable, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) You can remove either side well on the wall without problems.

Also, as the lining is made of a soft material, whether it is harder to scratch than just Cover.

Compared to the Type with a through hole in Ring, Cable lock is hard to pass because it is a little Small to say it is stronger, but I guess it is useless because I'm singing Waterproof
As it comes with a carrying bag like it is, once you take it out of the box it's almost impossible to store it in that Size because there is also a lining relationship (Lol)
I think that it is better to put in other goods and make effective use.

Although it is stopped under the stairs, rain etc. rain etc etc. There is currently no flood at. Regarding durability, looking at the future ... is not it (Lol)

I bought this cheapest one among the same type lock.
Although it is inexpensive, although the construction is solid, the lid has been taken off, it has become quite easy to take a habit while re-attaching it several times, so I removed it.
The color is yellow "I am with you" It is good to have an assertion of.
Locking behavior No problem at all, to prevent forgetting to remove Coil type Lock wire is used in combination.
I carry the attached Porch with it attached to the car body.
It can be recommended as the most convenient Security for the body.

It's been over 4 months since I started using it, but as of now there is no rain leak and no problem.
Material was sticky and at first was uneasy, but I did not peel off the surface slurping process, I was relieved.
I think that it is easier to put on and peel off without stickiness.
It was a good size for MT-09 TRACER.
I thought that it would be even better if there are ingenuity such as changing colors for the sake of distinguishing between front and back.
I am satisfied with this price with this quality.

Use it as a brand new Cover in half. As it peels off from the paste, it will degrease and paste the other half but will be turned over from the part of R. Is it a poor product? Or is it such a thing? Is the pasting method different? The more you repair the flipped parts every time you hit Cover, the more time you dismiss sooner. I wish I had made a heat resistant Cover

I mainly used it for commuting.
Since it uses rain boots from the beginning if it rains all day, this was used when returning is raining.
Because the material is thin, it fits in the Compact.
Waterproof performance was also firm in proportion to the price.

However, since it is not durable, I thought it would not be suitable for frequently used applications.
Well, as it is cheap, the original can be taken if it is used several times.

You can recommend it if you use it as you change it from time to time.

I bought it for FUSION's RearBox.
I am satisfied because Large is also easy to put on well.
Also, I hope Rear side is squeezed with a string and I can adjust Size so it will be hard to fly on a windy day.
The fabric is thin, but it would be suitable for the price.
It is likely to be used to some extent if you take care of removing.
Even if it is torn, it is cheap so it's easy to replace it.